Monday, May 11, 2009

Best Granola and Garden

So I found the best granola recipe, and made it and it proved to be the best granola recipe.
Alton Brown's Granola

I also wanted to plant a Cut Flower Garden and worked on half last Tuesday in the rain and added to it yesterday. I used this template as a guide, but added on to our existing "Bob's Garden. Our garden now this new stuff includes:
Double-Knock out Roses
and I am going to pick up and plant:
Shasta Daisys

I am hoping the girls really enjoy cutting flowers and I know I will enjoy having fresh cut flowers in the house all summer!

I have also started from seeds 2 kinds of tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, rosemary, basil and thai basil, curled Parsley and lettuce. We picked up a 2nd upside down tomato planter so we will get that going this week!

Starting on Friday the wedding activities kick-off - Aubrey and Molly are flower girls in my cousin's wedding this Saturday! We are all very excited but no one more than Aubrey.

It seems to me that as my girls get closer to 3 and 5 Doug and I have more time and energy for each other and for doing things with the house and the yard. It is at once really nice and one tiny bit sad that time goes so fast and the girls are so independent so quickly. I still cherish the snuggles I get at bed time routine - just as I cherish the people Aubrey and Molly are becoming.

Dinner last night we went around and said what we love about Mommy.
Aubrey, "I love Mommy because she bought me new pretty pajamas and skirts with shorts in them".
Molly, "Because I throw tantrums and I like to cry and mommy knows"
This is what she seriously said, I have NO idea...