Sunday, August 31, 2008

Not My Proudest Moment

At the pool today, 2 little girls (older than Aubrey) were playing with Mermaid Dolls. They were using our buckets and our ponies. Aubrey went over and introduce herself and sat down. And the girls were not nice to her.

I watched the whole thing and tried to stay out of it. But when I heard the little girl call Aubrey a stupid face, I went over there. I asked if everything was OK. Aubrey told me that the girls wouldn't let her play.

I asked the oldest girl what was wrong, she said, "my mommy doesn't let me talk to strangers so I can't play with her".

To which I replied, "Well, where is your mom, let's get introduced so you can play nicely". The little girl wouldn't go for it so I said...

"Fine, Aubrey if they don't want to share with you, let's grab our buckets and ponies and go play over here". And I dumped their dolls, took our buckets and ponies and walked away.

And I talked to Aubrey about sharing. And I felt like an idiot. Another mother did come up and say I handled that well... but it didn't feel like it.

And on the way out, I made sure that the little girl saw me talking to her mother - who I ended up casually knowing.

What would you have done?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unspectacular Tag

Here are the directions from the Meme from Lyds.:
1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 people following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they have been tagged.

Here are my 6 unspectacular quirks:
1) I secretly steal my kids snacks. And I don't tell. And I don't share. This includes french fries to Barbie "fruit" snacks to bites of their pizza/hamburger/whatever.
2) Sometimes I think having the right pair of jeans means I don't need to lose weight.
3) Whenever I eat something with high fat or sugar or have a beer, I actually make a decision before taking a bite, "Eat this or be thin" and then I eat it. And always regret it.
4) My husband is better at taking both our children out than I am. Or does it more often or is more comfortale doing it. Either way...
5) I drink too much caffeine and soda.
6) Aubrey knows that I don't sew and tells me that Ms. LA will fix her tights/skirt/shirt, etc. I don't correct her because she is right.

Random 7 - I don't like doing these because what if I took it too far or it is too weird?

I am not tagging... but do it, it is fun.


I keep thinking I need to write this down so I don't forget...

When looking at a picture book and Molly sees a pair of shes she says, "Don't Fit" instead of "shoes".

When asking about a barrette for her hair or if I am brushing her hair she says, "Haircut"

When she sees the shape of a star she says, "Starfish"

When she wants me turn on the water while she is brushing her teeth she says, "Wash your hands" instead of Turn On Water.

When she wants the door closed she says "door open", light off is "light on"

When she wants me to help her she says, "Help you mommy".

When she wants me to wash her hands off she says, "Me wash your hands mommy".

When she wants to do something herself she says "I-SELF", but 3 seconds later she says, "help you mommy".

She says thank you when you hand her something or put her somewhere, even if it is the time out chair.

She still uses the sign for please when she says please.

She says I love you, a lot.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I have a BLOG?

Really, cause I am sure you thought I forgot. Ever feel like with every step you take forward you are still 2 steps further than where you are trying to go?

- We are in our second week of pre-school and it is good, but 2 distinct drop offs and picks ups 3 days a week is a little hard to get used to.

- How do you find out about activities for your kids in your area? And how come once I do hear about something, registration is totally closed? But really - HOW do you know what is available and what to look for??? I am looking for Aubrey and for Molly for the fall - dance/swimming/soccer, etc. Thoughts? (I have looked at Little Gym which has cheerleading which I think Aubrey would love but no Saturday hours, Little Gym might have something for Molly, swim lessons has no Saturday hours, not sure I want to do dance because Aubrey bugged out of that last year... the "zone" rec site I looked at didn't look like they did soccer until age 5)

-And how much is too much, how little is too little - in terms of activities.

- I still haven't blogged about our Maine trip, which was great. Below are some pictures.

Molly, so big!


Us at Clam Cove

Molly at Broadcove, collecting her version of treasures

Doug showing the girls how a lobster trap works

Just some of the treasures we found on our trip around Magic Island (Richmond Island) and the 3 beaches we visited!

-This weekend we did the great bed switch of 2008. I kept the girls in their own rooms, we took down the crib, moved the toddler bed from Aubrey's room to Molly's room and got a new bed for Aubrey. We went out with the intention of getting a queen or full bed for Aubrey since I had a comforter and sheets to fit that. We ended up paying half of the cost of the day/trundel bed from Ikea because it was in the As Is section - and there was nothing wrong with it! But that meant I needed to get bedding for Molly. Last night was the first night they both slept through the night.

- Our niece is on her way to college today, CRAZY! I remember my first trip to Maine, she was 10 and we went to Ferry Beach and had a blast walking around and making up stories.

- My office is moving into our new office space tonight, this is the office that my gym is in the same building so really, zero excuses are coming for me. Oh, and my parking space is in that building too... so no more half mile walk - good and bad.

- I have been tagged and I have a cool website to share so those will come hopefully later this week!

- Ahhhh, that felt good.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Labor Day is Coming

... and that can only mean 3 things:
1) Time to shop for fall shoes for the family
2) Time to get out my Christmas Spreadsheet and start the budget/gift
buying process
3) Time to put away the white shoes, shorts, and capris

Hard to believe how fast it all goes...

What does Labor Day mean to you?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Worst Part

As a working mom who commutes about 30 miles... the worst part of the end of summer is the time it will add to my commute. This week is probably the last week that the drive will be 30 minutes. It will double when schools are in session on Monday.

While I will miss hot summer days at the pool, I am already enjoying the cool mornings. And while I will hate the city in the winter and the cold, I can already see Spring and the blooming of my tulips...

But did I mention the doubling of my commute time?

Have you heard about the Stephanie Meyer Twilight books? I started them on vacation and am already on book 4. So good.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Singing in the Car

I sing in the car. I admit it, I full out, BELT IT OUT, I do it with gusto and arms and bopping.

And so does my oldest daughter. It is awesome! She picks up lyrics to songs faster than I do. It is amazing.

Her favorites to sing in the car right now:
Dancing Queen (ABBA)
Operation: Working Vacation (Sugarland)
Joey (Sugarland)
Knowing Me Knowing You (ABBA)
Pocketful of Sunshine (N. Bedingfield)
Umbrella (Rhiana)
Three Little Birds (Marley)
I Will (Kraus)

And Molly loves the "froggy song" by BNL. "Froggy song Mommy, Froggy song"

I find such joy and fun in having my girls sing with me! Especially when Aubrey jumps in with lyrics I didn't know she knew or were paying attention to... and when she jumps in with something new she has a very impish grin she flashes at me in the mirror like she knows I will be surprised and excited.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome Home or Stay In Bed or Monday's Suck

I really couldn't decide on a post title. And I haven't blogged because I haven't had pictures. Well, I still don't have pictures but I felt like blogging. It was a conundrum really. Am I capable of blogging without photos?

Anyway, we got back Saturday night. I watched the end of the women's marathon - AWESOME, and Phelps - unfreakingbelievable! So very cool to be able to say he is from Maryland.

Sunday we did the groceries, pool, unpacked, laundry, prepare for pre-school, etc. Plus I started back eating well and excercising which brings me to the post title and my Monday.
  • Alarm goes off at 5am- because the next few weeks are crazy in terms of schedule. And I want to excercise and this is the only time I figure I can do it.
  • I jump out of bed, get changed, and head outside with my iPod.
  • It is freaking pitch black dark. Remember, Maine is further south so at 5am it wasn't that dark.
  • I walk a little ways and remember that there are no lights on my road and it is kinda freaky so jump back in bed.
  • Get up at 6, shower, start blowing drying hair.
  • This is when my morning really starts.
  • When the WASP gets tangled in my hair (flipped upside down) and stings me twice in the freaking neck right under my ear.
  • And it hurts. It really hurts.
  • Scream for Doug. He comes up, grabs a credit card and scrapes my neck and tells me to make a paste from Baking Soda and water while he battles the wasp in my bathroom.
  • And it hurts. It really hurts.
  • I make the paste too runny and run out of Baking Soda but manage to get some on and it does help.
  • And it hurts. It really hurts.
  • Doug gets the wasp, comes and puts some stuff on my sting
  • Then I get the girls dressed, Doug gets them breakfast. I pack my new laptop bag, I pack up all of the stuff Aubrey needs for the first day of her new school, pack my healthy lunch, and get going - ON TIME!

Then I have to go to work. Well, after dropping Molly off and hearing her say, "Where sister go" and having my heart break. Then dropping Aubrey off at her new school - which I don't even get a hug good-bye, and then crying when I thought I wasn't going to be emotional at all.

And now I am at work, eating my healthy lunch and trying to figure out how I get a walk/run in tonight...

An Aside: And really what I want to know is, how do working women do it all? How do I figure out how to get all of my work done - which right now really requires 60 hours per week -get my kids where they need to go with in service days, half days, plus the Carnival at Aubrey's school this week, and LIFE?!?!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beach Bulletts

Have I ever mentioned how blessed I am to have married into a family that vacations in Maine every year? No, well I should. It is like being in a time space continuum when you get up here. It was COLD, ok, very chilly, our first morning. It was rainy. Then we woke up to gorgeous blue skies and great beach weather. Then we woke up completely socked in with fog - but it burned off, we hit the beach early.

Amazing to me that in August it can be so pleasant - and that we can find big shells and sea life around every corner. I love it. I find peace (after some family leaves and things settle down), I am able to think about what I want to do or change or be. I can enjoy my kids and kiss my husband knowing that he is off to do what he loves - fish.

I haven't started exercising as I told myself I would - so after dinner I am hitting the beach for a walk instead of going to the ice cream stand... even if it is the best ice cream stand ever.

I haven't blogged, I have twittered , but I haven't had much to say... and even as I started this it was to be bullets but turned into not being bullets, but maybe that is because my husband surprised me with a Swedish Massage at the Inn By The Sea that has me slightly turned to liquid form.

Regardless we are enjoying our trip, enjoying our family, and remembering how to relax.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This morning, Aubrey crawled in bed: I had a terrible dream.
Me: What was it about?
Aubrey: I just can't talk about it right now

Last night doing our good night routine:
Molly points to the ceiling: Starfish please
Me: Starfish?
Me: Starfish?
Molly takes my hand and leads me to the STAR maker machine thing.

After the doctor finished Molly's check up:
Molly: More, Please
Me: More dr. examine
Molly: Yes please

Crazy child.

Last night playing in Molly's room
Aubrey: Mamma, I will always stay with you. I will marry me.
Me: Oh, that is sweet.
Aubrey: Well, I won't marry you 'cause you are a girl. But I will always love you.
Me: I love you darling girl, and I am married to daddy, but thank you.

At the Dr. Office.
Molly: I play now
Me: Well, we need to wait for the doctor and stay in this room.
Molly: Come on, I play now.
Me: Let's see what's out the window, I see a truck.
Molly takes my hand, pulls me to the door.
Molly: I said COME ON.

Playing with her new doll in a little bassinet (swinging the bassinet)
Molly: Wock a bye, wock a bye, baby, in the wee wop, wock a bye REPEAT

Molly's 2 year check up went great! She is perfect. 35 inches and 29 lbs.

We are headed on vacation Thursday night. So much to do and so little time, but very excited!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Molly is Two

My darling Molly,

Your second birthday has come upon us too quickly. I am overly emotional about this day because you are my baby and with each passing minute you are moving toward your true self, away from your dependence on me. And while I am proud of you and excited for you, it hurts.

I think this letter is supposed to me telling you about you. But everything about you is part of me. So I will interject my own feelings here and there.

When I was pregnant with you, we went to Lake Winnipesaukee and a friend's mother told me that she saw your impish face and that you would be trouble. And you are. From the moment you were born - 15 days early, to the first 13 weeks of your life where you screamed every day to the point that I tried cutting all known allergens from my diet and lived on Rice Krispies for a week. It didn't work. You just needed to get it out.

And today, you still, sometimes, just need to get it out. Trying to hurry you or ask you to do something before you are ready or before what you have set to do first is done, just isn't worth it. You know your own mind and you know how to communicate exactly what you feel exactly as you feel it. I admire that. I wish I was more like that -but at the same time, taking a deep breath and using your words might get you what you want/need faster and with less fuss. Just a thought.

Molly, you are a girl after my own heart, you love shoes. You love all kinds of shoes and they don't need to match, and wearing heels while you pretend to vacuum works, you carry it well. And who says you can't wear a winter wool hat in the middle summer? It looks cute on you. You pick out your own clothes with no room for negotiation. It makes our mornings interesting to say the least. But there is a trick, if I can get you downstairs and distracted by your sister or your daddy or Maxie, then you don't care what you wear. Well, until you remember you had an opinion.

"Where sister go" or "Where is Aubrey" or "What Aubrey doing" are some of the phrases we hear most from you. You love your sister. You love to know what she is doing, and try to do it. You love to hear what she has to say, and repeat it. You love to sit near her, to rub her back and put blankets on her, you love to play with the toys she has and you love to use what you learn from her and go off by yourself with your own game - but always looking back and making sure you aren't missing anything.

You love dolls and you love the new baby at daycare, you don't like when children cry and want to help and you love to be a caregiver. Today you told me it was "nigh-nigh time". You put a blanket on me, told me you loved me, and kissed me. It makes my heart warm to see you so loving and caring.

So while you drive me crazy and scream at the drop of a hat, you have the biggest heart and the most amazing capacity to love. And you can laugh. And you love to laugh, and often when you are laughing, you start screaming - but you still are happy at heart and a joy to be around.

Your daddy read this and says it makes you sound like a brat - you aren't. A bit challening and a lot stubborn and very independent. A lot loving, amazingly silly, a great sister and friend. You crack us up and you find beauty in everything you see and everything that is new.

I hope you have a great day and I hope the next year goes by just a little bit slower - for my sake.

I love you.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

2008 Race Results

We couldn't be there, but we wished we were on the sidelines yelling, "YOU INSPIRE US" with our favorite Sister In Law and the cousins! And of course we had to look up the scoop and get the details!

This year!
Keith Craig - 42:10
Royal Craig: 51:00 - that is a full 16 minutes better than last year! AWESOME
it should also be noted that I THINK this means he gets the trip/destination of his choice...
Roy Craig 56:19
Sarah Craig 1:02:31
Alan Craig - 1:26:32

It should be noted that Caleb and Grandy won the Grand and 2nd Prizes of the Bank North Prize Wheel! WOW!

Last year's Details:
Keith Craig - 43:08
Roy Craig - 57:58
Doug Craig - 1:00:09
Stacie Craig - 1:00:25
Sarah Craig - 1:00:50
Mark Craig- 1:03
Royal Craig-1:07
Debi Craig - 1:15
Alan Craig - 1:28