Monday, October 12, 2009

Aubrey's New Dress

Part of Aubrey's birthday present from Aunt Debi this year was a "date" and a shopping trip. One of the things Aubrey got is this BEAUTIFUL "prom" dress. It really is lovely. And Aubrey had a wonderful, fabulous, perfect day!

And of course it twirls!

Silver slippers too!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Created a Monster

and the monster is me... I started sewing just a few weeks ago. That led to following a bunch of new blogs, which led to more and more ideas for crafts or sewing projects.

Today, swim lessons got canceled at the last minute, we hit Wal Mart for a few grocery items for the week, and an idea I have been having took shape. I picked up 7 shirts that ranged from 2-7 dollars. I made these today:

Molly in her M shirt!

And the M and the flower were just my first attempts before I went with what I wanted to do - which is make Christmas shirts for all the cousins we will see on Christmas Eve. I still need to find a 9-12 month red or white onesie but otherwise I am done :) YAY me!

These are reverse appliqued if you are wondering :)

Of note, Aubrey spent the day with her Aunt Debi, one child in the house is ridiculously easy! It helps that she is exhausted and napping, but still :) It sure is quiet. Rooms have been organized, beds stripped, washed, and re-made, fridge cleaned out... and it goes on.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Aubrey is 5!

... ok she turned 5 on the 24th of last month. I have been 1) emotional 2) out of town 3) swamped or 4) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

But we did have a blast on the Saturday before Aubrey's birthday. You can call it a LIE, I call it creative parenting --> I told Aubrey that Saturday was her birthday. I had family call that day to sing to her.

We picked up 2 friends and we went to Build A Bear. Without prior notice, and with only 4 kids, the folks there were able to give us the full party experience! Name tags, hearts, pictures, etc! It was great. Each girl picked any bear they wanted, one accessories (wig, panties, shoes), one outfit. They had a blast and each animal was unique and really showed each girls personality.

We then headed to Ultimate Play Zone. We bounced and climbed and jumped and laughed and had a blast. Nana stopped by and played and went to lunch and cake with us!

From there we walked over to Boardwalk Burger and Fries. By now it is more like chaos than fun (for me anyway).

And then we all came back to our house and had cake, started watching Hannah Montana the movie (but didn't watch more than 10 minutes), went outside, played, played and then we took everyone home.

From there Aubrey wanted to go to the Club for crab cakes... we dressed up, picked up our nephew, and hit HVGC for a nice dinner.

Sunday we had a birthday party with my family for Aubrey at my Nana's.

With Nana!

With Brianna

With our new Build a Bears

Friends and Cake!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Slower Pace

This morning we took the time to:
Make a double batch of pancakes!

Make homemade birthday cards for G-Taw.

Make kitty cat pumpkins.

Sweep the front porch and decorate for Fall.

Change the batteries in the fire alarm.

Change the water filter

Stay in our PJ's and play!

Blog :)

The pace of life has seemed to be on overdrive lately, so this morning we are taking time to enjoy each other and our family time. Love it!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brown's Orchard

On the way home from work tonight I called Doug and said, "I am tired of real life, let's go on adventure". And while it may seem tame to you, it was exciting for the girls and we had a BLAST! We drove up to PA and went to Brown's Orchard. We got a HUGE pumpkin, tons of 'baby' pumpkins, and had a nice dinner together!

No we didn't get these... but close!

This child likes to pose!

On the way home Doug was rubbing my neck as I was driving and Molly asked him why he was doing that, Aubrey answered, "Cause daddy loves mommy the best". Then Aubrey said, " I wish I had a boyfriend". I said, "No you don't!!"... Crazy child.