Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So Cute and So Volatile

This morning Molly was being Molly. Doug turned to her and said, "You are so cute and so volatile".

I can not get over how TRUE that statement is.

I needed to preserve here you go.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Planning and Cuteness and Random

... but not planned cuteness.

So HSM3 comes out this weekend and I am taking Aubrey, she really wants to see it... well maybe she doesn't know what it is but I want to see it, but let's go with the first way I wrote it.

Also, tonight is the Halloween Party at the club. But it starts at like 5. Doug is taking the kids and I will meet them after my late meeting. A hay ride in the dark should be lots of fun?? But why do they plan these things when it is hard to ge there?

I have a bone to pick with the pre-school Aubrey goes to. On Wednesday (29th) they want the parents there at 3:30 so the kids can get their costumes on and trick or treat around the business units. So if Doug or I can't take off (which is looking like the case), Aubrey can't go. That is just not fair! Why plan activities that require parents when the reason Aubrey is there is because she can't be with her parents?!?! Is that just me?

Costumes and Usage:
Aubrey got a beautiful unicorn costume for her birthday, and I was able to find the exact same one on ebay for 2.99 in Molly's size. They are very cute.

Where do you go trick or treating? Do you go? We don't know what we are doing this year but have 4 halloween parties plus ZOO BOO so they will get LOTS of use.

And I have been trying to post pictures of Saturday's Navy Game and the goats, but having issues. Plus, I once again lost the data on my phone... fun times people, fun times.

And the Cuteness from Sunday Morning:
Sunday morning Aubrey has said a couple of things that are melting my heart.

1) Aubrey leaned over and kissed me, then put her hand on my cheek and said,
"Mommy do you know how much I love you?".
I said, "how much", she said as she shakes her head up and down, "a really lot".

2) Molly took a little nap and when she woke up I gave her and Aubrey a taste test of the cookies. Aubrey accidently knocked Molly down and Max ate her cookie and Molly started crying.
Aubrey took Molly's hand, led her over to the couch, got on her knees, put her hands on Molly's face and said,
"Molly, when Max takes your food you say, "Drop it Max", then you tell Mommy Maxie ate it and you don't have to cry and Mommy will gladly fix it".

And not to leave Molly out:
3) Saturday night as I was snuggling Molly during bedtime routine, she says, "I missed my mommy, mommy".

Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Prep

Aubrey did not get a "friends" birthday party this year. She had about 7 celebrations but none with "friends". This is so very sad. She did get an invitation for a school friend's party in November and we are VERY excited about this.

Some friends we haven't seen in WAY too long - maybe a year or more? are coming over on Saturday (they have girls the same ages as our girls (2 and 4)). Not knowing this Aubrey asked if we could have a Halloween Party, and I am putting the 2 things together!

Menu (has nothing to do with Halloween)
Chicken Fajitas
Avodado and Tomoato Salad
Spanish Rice
Chips and Salsa
Halloween Cupcakes with Funfetti icing
Pumpkin Pie Dip

Craft Ideas
Salt Dough Ghosts
Evil Eye Baskets
Bony Beads
Decorate Pumpkins - with sharpies or markers?

If any of the crafts work out I will post pictures!

So Emily, where have you been, you ask? Here, working through life as a crazy person.

  • Email address was hacked and had to change it
  • Cell phone lost all data after Molly licked it - hate that I lost a TON of phone numbers (basically everyone I have added in the last 8 months)
  • Bronchitis for me, Sinus infection for Hubby, now Molly has a cough, Aubrey just got over a cough and cold
  • Trying to figure out how upset I should be with the losses to our retirement accounts (and you could say, "what loss, did you sell" no we didn't sell but still scary maybe?)
  • Going to join WW in the next couple weeks - gaining weight like an idiot.
  • How do you put away summer clothes when it is 80 degrees? Blah.
  • Started Aubrey in swim lessons - she is doing GREAT! I love it!
  • Aubrey is great - her 4yo stats - 42 inches, 40 lbs! None of her 4T clothes fit - unless you want skirts and dresses that don't cover your underwear... and don't get me started on her size 13 feet.
  • Molly is Molly. Don't know what to say about that. Other than she has grown about 6 inches in the last few weeks. Her 2T halloween costume is too small for her. But of course LA is helping me out with that :)
  • I twitter more than I blog these days. Did you know Santa and Mrs. Clause twitter? Really keeps you in touch - and reminded me only 77 days til Christmas!
  • HA, how is that for randomness?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Halloween Bunny

Driving home from swim lessons today:
Aubrey: Where does the Easter Bunny live?
Mommy: In a magical forest.
A: But what can he eat?
M: in the magical forest in his hollowed out tree, well right next door is a special farm that makes carrotts that give that easter bunny energy to make all the eggs
A: That doesn't sound right, are you sure he is real?
M: Of course he is (thinking WTF)...
A: Well then there must be a Halloween Bunny, what does that one bring, again?


M: Well honey, I have never heard of a Halloween Bunny, I don't think there is one.
A: Most importantly Mommy, that forest is too big for just one bunny.