Friday, July 30, 2010

Fishing Friday

The girls went fishing with daddy and Granddad this morning. Doug has video which I will try to get uploaded soon - it is awesome! We all went out for Ken's Fried Clams, a walk on Pine Point beach, ice cream, and then Daddy is handling bed time!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Captain's Log Day 13

Girls and I went to the grocery store. Aubrey and Molly no longer fit comfortably in the "car" carts. This was upsetting to me, another reminder that they are growing too fast.

We made Rainbow Sprinkle cookies. After the girls dipped the mix into the sprinkles to put on sheet for baking I realized this was not the best recipe to be doing one day after new granite counter tops are installed or the day that I washed and vacuumed floors.

I made Pasta with Pancetta and Leeks for dinner, it rocked.

Grandy, the girls and I tried to go to the pool for our last swim (closes tomorrow for cleaning), but pool was closed due to unexplained power outage (per the sign posted). Grandy filled buckets in the back yard for them to play in.

Headed to the beach from 3:30 - 6:30 and it was wonderful. The neighbor, my new friend, brought me down a Corona and we visited for the last hour of our beach time. Granddad rough housed with the girls and tried to dump Molly in the ocean but ended up getting wetter than she did. Then I had to explain what a cigar was. (my explanation? yucky thing for granddads. grandy's explanation? granddad's pacifier).

Doug should be flying in to surprise the girls tonight - but due to storms BWI has some massive delays for departures so who knows what will happen.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Evening at the Beach

Today Grandy and Granddad had new countertops installed. We laid low in the morning and then headed to the beach around 11:30. We stayed until 6pm. We had a blast.

Last night after dinner we were treated to ice cream and a trip to Bug Light Park - so this picture is from that.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today we went on the big boat around the island. We saw SEALS! It was wonderful. The girls also got a turn captaining a boat - we went in circles for a while :)

This guys was checking us out making sure we didn't come too close to the babies.
Amazing, right?

The babies
Aubrey was very serious.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday the 25th

Sunday morning we got up and the girls and I went to the beach. We made new friends with a family visiting from Canada, we practiced our running for the race coming up, ate 7 snacks in 2 hours and collected tons of beach glass. We also modeled our new bathing suits.

Sunday afternoon involved naps for EVERYONE! Then we had a dinner party and Grandy made scallops, fried haddock (so good), and a blueberry pie. We had a blast and maybe too much wine (well that part was me).

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Second Saturday

Today I woke up at 6 and went for a 3.3 mile run, I came back and did laundry, had breakfast, sewed a skirt, meal planned, created grocery list, showered, went to an art fair, the grocery store, had lunch, worked on another skirt, hit a consignment shop... and enjoyed not hearing "MOMMY" every 5 seconds.

In the afternoon I headed out to pick up my girls - who I missed! Aubrey asked me if I was happy sleeping in, and I said yes. She said, "well that hurts my feelings a little bit". I asked if she was happy to be away from me - and she said yes but that she missed me and I told her I felt the same way!

Things They Did With Cousins (in their words):
1) Peed in the grass... well Caleb does it that way.
2) Lunch was apparently peanut butter and chocolate
3) Played in the pool
4) Showered outside
5) Molly says she and Anna cried because they didn't want to go to the surf place.
6) Went to a surf place and body surfed - and no one helped them.
7) But Molly said she needed help but Aunt Stacie was busy taking pictures and riding the horses (which I am positive is not true).
8) Had the best time ever and want to live there forever or at least let it be known that the next time they have a sleep over one night is not enough, and probably 2 won't be either.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 7

This kind of sums up most of our morning. Up very early, played, then Molly and Aubrey crashed on the family room floor at 10am for a couple hours.

We then drove down to New Hampshire to see COUSINS! Had dinner there, the girls are having a sleepover!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am posting now, because I am committed to doing NOTHING the rest of today. Except maybe make popcorn and put on a movie or two with the girls. We have been GO GO GO and this mama is tired.
Grandy drew out a hop scotch and Molly put an M in each square.

Aubrey drew a sail boat with a little girl catching a fish.

Got Molly to cheese for a picture.

Molly and I made a Fairy House on the beach this morning!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Botanical Gardens

Today we went to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. We had a blast and I can't recommend enough going and spending as much time as you can with the Fairy Houses - I regret not staying longer in that area with the girls.

I took 250 pictures... I only forced 2 people to look at them all :)

Molly loved the whale rocks.

Hey look, a picture of ME!

One of the fairy houses.
I can't describe how gorgeous these were, bigger than my head and just lines of them!
Cottage Garden - notice the kitty cat fence :) Inside they colored pictures.

Theoretically here is a link to more pictures from our day - but not all of them, just some of them :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 4 - So Tired

Day 4
It seems weird that it is only day 4. We have done enough stuff that it should be a week we have been here!

After a sleepless night I dropped Doug at the airport at 5am. So sad.
Made Eggs In a Hole
Grandy did the girls nails and toes in very shimmery polish.
Grandy took the girls to the cove to look for rocks.
I went to the grocery store and did the meal planning for the week.
Gave girls showers - never take them to beach without bathing suits. Ever.
Lunch. They ate big lunches.
Good, much needed naps for girls.
I did a 4 mile walk/run while girls napped. Only way to make it through the day.
Talked to Daddy on video conference.
Pool - Aubrey DOVE off of a spring board. Molly jumped off the spring board! It was high and freaked me out that they were going off of it.
Went to the playground.
Made an amazing dinner!
Went to the beach - gorgeous night.
Am going to bed, right now.

Who Is This Child?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Best Monday Ever, It's Monday, Right?

(*you may skip to the pictures, I was in the mood to be verbose)

I got up at 5 and did 50 minutes across Crescent Beach and through a path along the water and back through some woods, ending back on the beach. The sun was coming up and the water was PINK, the sky was pink, it was lovely.

Molly was up as I sat down with my glass of water. We played, vacuumed, laundry, packed for the beach. Aubrey was up very soon after Molly and snuggled with me.

Daddy took the girls fishing! They each caught 3-4 Pollack.

The girls and I played at the beach and daddy went fishing alone. Molly decided to cover my legs in mud - I let her. Aubrey and Molly built drip castles on my legs. At the end I had an inch or two of mud covering me from toe to mid-thigh. We all went in the very cold ocean to rinse to me off. I feel very ex foliated.

After the last few LONG days, we headed home for lunch and naps. I sat on the deck and read a magazine, napped with my hubby on the couch.

Aubrey and I played Go Fish.

We all headed to Portland Headlight to see Grandy working - and she had surprises for the girls!

Then Bugaboo Creek for dinner. On the way to dinner we instituted a family policy that if you toot 3 times in a row quickly you are only required to say "excuse me" once. If you toot a number of times FAR APART from each other then each requires its own "excuse me".

After dinner Doug took the girls for ice cream. I played with my new phone... oh did I mention my hubby took my phone to the sprint store 'cause it was broken (no GPS, spotty service) and I got a brand new super fancy phone?

All of this rounded off with a dancing and singing show from the girls and a lightening show from mother nature.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 2 - Cousins at Richmond Island

Today We:
Had pancakes
Hung the laundry to dry on the line
Took a boat ride to the island with our cousins
Went on an adventure and discovered that Indians MUST have lived on the island.
Rode waves
Burgers and dogs on the deck
Did I mention cousins?


Riding the waves

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cape Elizabeth Day 1 of 30

Today we:
Walked on the Beach
Took a Boat Ride
Found Sea Glass
Took Naps
Played Barbies
Wine (for mommy)
Saw a sick Loon up close
Lobsters for dinner
Ice Cream Stand