Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Halls are Decked

Saturday morning we got up early an started cleaning out the toy room/living room to make room for a new tree. We got boxes and boxes and boxes of decorations from the attic and we went to it! The train table is set up the mantle is beautiful. And the tree is up, lights on it, waiting to be decorated. And to make it a truly magical day, there is snow.

Here are some pictures!
Here we are, at the tree farm... just 4 houses down from us! The place was packed! Apparently Saturday was a great day for tree getting.
Grandy and Max joined us. It was very special.

My girls, too cold to cooperate with a picture :)

Daddy is showing Grandy and the girls the Gunpowder River at the bottom of the hill.

Could this be our tree?
Or how about this one?

Apparently this tree hugged Aubrey BACK so this is the one we took home.
And honestly, every tree there was a keeper.

In the front window in front of the globe is the tree, the lights are up, and in the bay window to the right is our train table all lit up.
It really was a fun day. And while the kids were napping I finished addressing our Christmas Cards, in front of the fire, and then started a knitting project.
And at 7:20 this morning, Doug is plowing and salting, kids are playing with the train, I am blogging and drinking coffee. Doug is taking Aubrey to see The Wizard of Oz in DC with 2 other Daddies and their 4 yos. Molly and I are going to bake cookies and candy. I love this time of year!


Amy W said...

Very cute! Love the globe, Ashley would love it...

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Can you send me some snow? We have to be content with temps in the lower 50s sometimes. I've been known to put the a/c on 65 just so we can put a fire in the fireplace. And a Christmas tree farm!? How delightful! Sounds like a fantastic start to a wonderful Christmas season! Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

holy snow globe, deam!

Looks like a lotta fun!

InTheFastLane said...

Love the decking! I love this time of year too.

Cindy B said...

That sounds like a fun day with your family. What a great way to put you in the holiday spirit.

Mommy said...

I think the snow globe is freakin' hilarious! You are such a Christmas junkie......

rebekca said...

Hello friend!

Love the Christmas pics and am totally jealous of your selection of trees!

One question:

Who shakes that globe for the snow to fall??

Sarcasta-Mom said...

Beautiful! The girls look so happy, and I'm sure your tree is just perfect.

UrbanTerp said...

when did it snow? did i miss this somehow? looooove the pictures, they are cute!