Saturday, April 4, 2009

Play Date One Up Manship

We have some friends that have a daughter who is about 6 months older than Aubrey. Two weeks ago we started a Sunday afternoon "thing", first Sunday the little girl was here, the next week Aubrey was there. It was GREAT! It was great for Molly, it was great for me, for Hubby, for the other parents, their younger daughter, and it was great for the 2 Four year olds.

On that first week when the little girl was here, we planted some flowers, played outside, did some small crafts, made chocolate covered pretzels and played outside some more.

Last week Aubrey came home with cupcakes she had made and decorated and hard boiled eggs they had covered in glue and then glitter.

So now I am like, how do I keep this up each week? I can't be the play date house that doesn't "enrich" these 4 year old. And at the same time I am like, hmmm, how much would they enjoy a High School Musical 3 showing with popcorn?

So I will assume that the time the girls play together is enrichment enough and not compete in something I am not even positive is a competition.

Kind of.



Jessica said...


Seriously, it's okay to just let the kids play without having an organized activity. I usually keep a snack on hand and a (short) TV show queued up on the DVR in case everyone needs a break, but for the most part the kids are just happy to cause mass destruction in the play area or run around outside.

InTheFastLane said...

Yep...just let them play. And if they have a disagreement, then pull out the whatever.

That being said, can I send Jack Jack to your house for a play date?

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

It shouldn't be a competition. If it is, you don't want to be around when they're 16 and the other one comes home with a new car...

They're working on playing with each other, being friends with each other. Not "who has the most entertaining mommy".

Now, I'll get off my "been there/done that" soapbox and go watch TiVo....

Erin said...

It's a "play date." There should be lots of playing and having fun. Organization and planned activities are great but don't they get enough of that during the school week? Enjoy the friendships that are blossoming.