Sunday, October 11, 2009

Created a Monster

and the monster is me... I started sewing just a few weeks ago. That led to following a bunch of new blogs, which led to more and more ideas for crafts or sewing projects.

Today, swim lessons got canceled at the last minute, we hit Wal Mart for a few grocery items for the week, and an idea I have been having took shape. I picked up 7 shirts that ranged from 2-7 dollars. I made these today:

Molly in her M shirt!

And the M and the flower were just my first attempts before I went with what I wanted to do - which is make Christmas shirts for all the cousins we will see on Christmas Eve. I still need to find a 9-12 month red or white onesie but otherwise I am done :) YAY me!

These are reverse appliqued if you are wondering :)

Of note, Aubrey spent the day with her Aunt Debi, one child in the house is ridiculously easy! It helps that she is exhausted and napping, but still :) It sure is quiet. Rooms have been organized, beds stripped, washed, and re-made, fridge cleaned out... and it goes on.


sbsterling said...

Definitely a monster... but in such a good way!

sbsterling said...

PS, really cute!

Mommy said...

You should be proud of me...I already started my Christmas shopping!!