Monday, March 28, 2011

Cape May

The girls and I were invited on a trip with another mom and her 2 year old daughter. We all packed into the minivan on a Friday afternoon and headed to Cape May, NJ. Took about 4 hours and was an easy drive.

We stayed at the Grand Hotel and the reason - INDOOR POOL! We hit the Cape May Zoo (awesome), we swam, we hit a Chinese all you can eat buffet (Aubrey may have put them out of business), and we swam. Aubrey, Molly, and I hit the pool on Saturday afternoon for 3 hours. My girls are part fish.

My phone died and I was completely disconnected for the weekend. The girls had my full attention and we all needed it.

They crack me up!
Awesome Zoo!
Goat Tongue
Black Swan

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Unknown said...

The last photo kills me!! Looks like they are boogin' to get in the pool!!! Looks like it was a successful trip!