Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hair Decision Input Requested

I need help. Molly has bangs. I was going to try to grow them out. But she won't keep a barrette or tie in them for very long so do I:

1) Give up and just cut them
2) Keep up the dream and just live with not seeing her eyes very often
3) Other options?

I really need input here... yes I am a dork and stress about silly things.

Updated: Took the girls for haircuts last night... we walked out looking like nothing had changed :) Molly's is a little more square around the bottom, bangs are still growing, untouched. Aubrey's was just trimmed a little bit.



Unknown said...

I don't care if Regan's hair is in her face - she pushes is back and whatever. However a friend of mine can't stand having her kids hair in their face therefore it is always up and there are no bangs.

My point is: If you don't care about how it looks growing out and you want them grown out, then let it grow. If you are particular about the way your childs hair looks - then you might need to just trim them and gradually grow them out so that you don't notice them in her way so much. Eventually her hair will get trained and you and her can push it back whether she gets used to barrettes ot not.

Amy said...

Grow them out! Believe me...life is so much easier without bangs! I always said I wouldn't allow my daughter to have bangs for one reason...my childhood pictures! Oh, they are horrible...I didn't have the 'cool' mom (I mean, I had a cool mom, just not one who curled my hair) who curled our styled my hair...it was always a mess.

Bangs...gone...little barrette on the side will do...just pull the little side back...also those rubbery head bands are great too!

But that's just my opinion...just because you asked. :)

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Get one of those headbands with flexible plastic (with "teeth" underneath) and an elastic band at the back. It will keep the hair out of her eyes, keep the bangs relatively in place (yes, you will be repositioning it throughout the day) and keep you focused on how she'll look when the bangs grow out! We used on one Kennedy, my granddaughter, when she was here (mainly for the pool) but it worked "a charm". I know they spent the better part of a year growing her bangs out after having "the fringe" for 3 years.

Worth the effort!

Jessica said...

Gel. Lots and lots of gel.

Ok, seriously, I got nothin'. There's a reason the boys in my house all have buzz cuts :-)

InTheFastLane said...

I would say to let it grow. When my oldest was young, we went through the awkward phase, but it did get better.

emily said...

You guys ROCK!!! I will keep with it!


Anonymous said...

Stick with it and don't quit. She'll get used to it.


anne watson said...

Mads bangs are in full swing of growing out and she looks like a sheepdog if her hair is not pulled back....so I feel your pain. I wonder if her hair is too fine for one of those head bands. I don't particularly care for bangs on little girls...and the only reason we ever cut hers is because they grew a heck of a lot faster than the rest of her hair...

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

What my friend does is she makes 3-4 tight pony tails across the forehead and then flips them around like a topsy tail (do they still make this tool?) but she does it with a comb. It makes a flat lying pony tail against her scalp with the tail going toward the back, and the ponytail holder is covered by hair, so the child can't remove it. If you need pictures I can do this with my DD's hair and email it to you.

Some kids, their hair grows forward and even without bangs, their hair will be in their face if you don't keep it fixed back somehow.

Good luck!

Amy W said...

I grew out Ashley's hair about 2 years ago...and Audrey's I have been growing out. I bought the type of rubberbands that hurt if you try to pull them out.