Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Simple Freedoms

As Aubrey gets bigger and bigger, small things are happening that blow me away. Very simple tasks that for 4+ years were my job, and that add up to lots of time. I am constantly blown away when one of these gets added to the list, so proud, and at the same time, my heart breaks just the smallest bit.

  1. Aubrey can strap herself in and out of her carseat.
  2. Aubrey can open and close the car door.
  3. Aubrey can anticipate throwing up and make it to the toilet.
  4. Aubrey can clean her room.
  5. Aubrey (and Molly) can both set the table, and get their own waters.
  6. Aubrey can brush her hair.
  7. Aubrey can fold and put her clothes away.
  8. Aubrey can turn on the radio in her room.

I know, small things, but they add up to 8 less things I have to do for her. So I find new things to do for her!


Mommy said...

I'd have to say that #3 is the BEST one on the list. Puke in a bed is SO not cool to clean up!!

Pretty soon she'll be driving.....

Jessica said...

It's great (and a little sad) when they take on these independent tasks. Just remember to enjoy the 'extra' time with her and it makes it all worthwhile!

I'm trying to convince Eric that he should let Evan help him get dressed...too bad Eric is not a fan of this idea ;-)

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Hmmm, perhaps I should send my HUSBAND to Camp Craig? I don't know that he can do all these things...seriously!