Saturday, February 6, 2010


How I spent my 35th birthday:
  1. Took a personal day from work
  2. Kept the girls home
  3. Put a TO DIE FOR pot roast in the crock pot
  4. Made a Cinnamon Coffee Cake
  5. Put the craft table cloth on, pulled out paper, scissors, glue sticks, stickers, foam shapes, play dough...
  6. Let the girls go to town with no regard to what it would take to clean up.
  7. Snuggled and watched Playhouse Disney
  8. Answered a few work emails and calls
  9. The girls did my hair - 4 big flower clips
  10. The girls did my make-up (eye shadow on the forehead is SEXAY), and THEIRS... not sure Molly's face will be the same after all the lipstick she put on
  11. Hubby came home, I curled up with my Kindle and read a book
  12. Hubby put dinner and dessert together and cleaned up
  13. Hubby put the girls to bed.
  14. Watched Inglorious Basterds.... 1st half anyway. Too long, snow was putting me to sleep
  15. Went to bed!

And got TONS of lovely facebook wishes!

Such a great day.

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