Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is a Public Service Announcement.

If your 5 year old and your 3 year old are racing to see who can get their PJ's on fastest, and the 5 year old wins and rubs it in your 3 year olds face AND the 3 year old is over tired from a very busy weekend, the result will be a FULL ON melt down.

Melt Down will include high pitched screaming which you and your husband will immediately think means someone is mortally injured and you will both jump and SPRINT to the stairs.

At that point your heart will be racing and you will be winded from the scare. You will want to grab your 3 year old and hug her to you - even though she is screaming - just because she didn't crash down the stairs.

But the screaming - the intense, unbelievable, wracking sobs, screaming - will be so involved that your child will loose her ability to hold in her urine. This will soak both you and the screaming child in said urine.

You will drop your child on the floor and walk away. Calmly walk away. Your husband can handle bedtime. You must cancel any plans you had, change your clothes, get into your own bed, knit and veg in front of the TV.

Please be sure to communicate this to all those that could be affected.

Good Luck and God Speed.


Jessica said...

LOL!! I can totally see this happening in my house. And last night? I would have taken getting peed on over the food/sleep strike that Eric was staging.

sbsterling said...

Last night the baby slept through the night but Chase woke up at 5 am and came into our room wearing nothing but underpants. Then she cried when I sent her back to bed because, in her words, she was cold. I refused to look for the pyjamas in the dark. More tears. Finally I felt around for something in her drawer and she went back to sleep. I closed her door... and woke up the baby. I need a cup of coffee.

anne watson said...

LOL. This totally happens at my house (complete with the vegging and knitting in front of the TV)...however it's usually the 3 year old who wins and the 5 year old who melts down. I'm just sayin....

Crystal said...

ahhh yes. i know the "walk away" moments. it really is the best way to handle it. :) thanks for stopping by !:)