Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sourdough Starter

In the past 16 months or so I have been on a mission to make bread, bagels, soft pretzels, etc from scratch - no machine.

I have been successful so far. And now the "final frontier" dun dun dun. SOURDOUGH! For some reason it has seemed like such a big thing to tackle. You have to make a starter, you have to think about it weeks in advance. And then I actually started reading up on it. I read my Betty Crocker cookbook, web sites etc. All say the same thing. One cup of flour and one cup of water to make your "pet"... then just feed it, care for it, let it grow. Well, 2 lovely children prove I can do that, right?

So 48 hours in, here is what I have:

Apparently Baby Barbie and duckie wanted to swim at the "pool".

By Mother's Day I hope to provide the sourdough rolls or bread for brunch with the family, will keep you posted!

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Rollingthunder said...

Recreate the Scratch Baking bagels, you will be god of bread.