Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Planning and Cuteness and Random

... but not planned cuteness.

So HSM3 comes out this weekend and I am taking Aubrey, she really wants to see it... well maybe she doesn't know what it is but I want to see it, but let's go with the first way I wrote it.

Also, tonight is the Halloween Party at the club. But it starts at like 5. Doug is taking the kids and I will meet them after my late meeting. A hay ride in the dark should be lots of fun?? But why do they plan these things when it is hard to ge there?

I have a bone to pick with the pre-school Aubrey goes to. On Wednesday (29th) they want the parents there at 3:30 so the kids can get their costumes on and trick or treat around the business units. So if Doug or I can't take off (which is looking like the case), Aubrey can't go. That is just not fair! Why plan activities that require parents when the reason Aubrey is there is because she can't be with her parents?!?! Is that just me?

Costumes and Usage:
Aubrey got a beautiful unicorn costume for her birthday, and I was able to find the exact same one on ebay for 2.99 in Molly's size. They are very cute.

Where do you go trick or treating? Do you go? We don't know what we are doing this year but have 4 halloween parties plus ZOO BOO so they will get LOTS of use.

And I have been trying to post pictures of Saturday's Navy Game and the goats, but having issues. Plus, I once again lost the data on my phone... fun times people, fun times.

And the Cuteness from Sunday Morning:
Sunday morning Aubrey has said a couple of things that are melting my heart.

1) Aubrey leaned over and kissed me, then put her hand on my cheek and said,
"Mommy do you know how much I love you?".
I said, "how much", she said as she shakes her head up and down, "a really lot".

2) Molly took a little nap and when she woke up I gave her and Aubrey a taste test of the cookies. Aubrey accidently knocked Molly down and Max ate her cookie and Molly started crying.
Aubrey took Molly's hand, led her over to the couch, got on her knees, put her hands on Molly's face and said,
"Molly, when Max takes your food you say, "Drop it Max", then you tell Mommy Maxie ate it and you don't have to cry and Mommy will gladly fix it".

And not to leave Molly out:
3) Saturday night as I was snuggling Molly during bedtime routine, she says, "I missed my mommy, mommy".


Jessica said...

I would have bone to pick and shove if that happened!! What kind of crap is that? Do they seriously need a 1:1 child to adult ratio? Eric's class of 15 2yos asked for like 3 parents to come help get kids changed!! Maybe you can call another mom and ask her to help Aubrey too??

I love the story of Aubrey telly Molly that Mommy will 'gladly fix it.' And wondering if Max would really drop a cookie if you asked him too...

InTheFastLane said...

We trick or treat around our neighborhood and the next one over. The next one over is actually better because the houses are closer together and the kids get to more houses in the same amount of time.

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Sounds like Aubrey has a real confidence in the family system and how it all works which is excellent - and a good reflection on you! Confident kids are so important - especially what their confident in is their parent's ability and consistency. :)

I don't know WHAT our kids our doing for Halloween seeing as they are all married, have kids of their own and live elsewhere. (sniff..) I do miss seeing them in costumes as little ones but I do get to enjoy Ben, Luke, Kennedy, Lleyton and Mirai in their get-ups either in person or in emailed photos. Tim and Megan took their kids last year to a "Trick or Trunk" at their church parking lot - everyone dresses up their trunk and the kids go from car-to-car for their treats. Safe environment and all - in big cities you can't be too careful (Austin). We went to Boo at the Zoo in Fort Worth last year with Ben, Luke and Mirai - that was fun as well. They had treat stations but you had to give your ticket to get the treats which was a little "mechanical" in my mind.

But then, I grew up in a time where you got cupcakes and candy apples made by the neighbors and you didn't have to worry about razor blades or drugs like you do now. Which makes me think SOME of those kids way back when never made the distinction between "dress up" and reality.

Plus they didn't know that if they'd ask mommy, she'd fix it. :)

Erica said...

Okay, the preschool thing is maddening! I don't see why another parent or teacher shouldn't be able to take Aubrey. That's not fair. I LOVE how well Aubrey imitated her Mommy! Too cute/funny/smart! Maybe we should take the kids around Mom and Dad's neighborhood??? Depending on whether our plans for that night work out or not...I missed you!

Unknown said...

Sometimes I really hate the whole idea of pre-school and what is expected of the parent when most of us uh... WORK (full time...until 5pm). We ToT around the neighborhood and I have a friend that comes down out of the boonies to go with us. GL with all you have going on!

Kelly said...

I would be really annoyed with the preschool thing as well. It would make more sense to state the time they would be doing it and invite parents to come and volunteer. It is rediculous to exclude kids just because their parents can't leave work. Are you close with any other parents there? Could you arrange to have them help so that Aubrey can still participate?

As for the cuteness, it sounds like your girls are incredibly sweet and loving. Nice work raising such wonderful children.

Oh, btw..there is a girl that goes to daycare with the boys that looks like a long-lost sister to your girls. I seriously did a double-take the first day I saw her.

Kelly said...

I agree with you on the preschool thing.

Still don't know what we're doing for Halloween, but Reagan is going to be a cowboy. Complete with horse. Very cute.

I love the "I missed my mommy, Mommy."

Cindy B said...

The preschool things is very strange. How sad for the kids who don't get to go.
I can't wait to see pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes. Kyle is going to be a Lion but we are not going trick or treating. :)