Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Proud and Random

I don't know about you but the pride in America and the hope for the future is pouring out of me. But I don't have the words, just tears and big smiles!

And I have gone cold turkey on Twitter and Facebook, 2 days in and the shakes are getting much better.

So this is what is on my mind:

1) When you try to make red, white, and blue M&M pancakes for the inauguration dinner at home, don't, it doesn't work. Pancakes turn brown and M&M's lose their color in the batter. So while it tastes good, it is not pretty.
2) Being a good blogger apparently requires instructions when bragging about things you make :) Sorry about that! This is the recipe I used and it was fairly easy and intuitive.
3) When you give up paper towels cold turkey, you really only miss them when you make bacon. Anyone have any tips on making bacon without paper towels to drain them? It has been 11 days in our house and no paper towels have been used! Pretty cool.
4) I really need to head to the client site for a meeting in 10 minutes, oops.
5) But I think it is sooooo cool when Barack grabbed the mic at the Neighborhood Ball and said, "Isn't my wife good looking".


Unknown said...

Suggestion for R,W,B pancakes: Don't mix the m&m's in the batter. Mix up the batter, put the amount on the skillet, cook one side and put the m&m's on the top side then flip. (Then again the color will still probably come off but your batter will be yellow like it should be!). However chocolate in anything breakfast-y tastes heavenly, so really...what does it matter how they look?!

anne watson said...

so that's why twitter has been so lonely....

Mommy said...

Yes - put the M&Ms on the top of the pancake as the batter is cooking. My MIL does it that way with blueberries or raspberries- then you get a BURST of fruit....YUMM.