Saturday, January 3, 2009

Which Do You Recognize?

I often step back from talking with the kids and laugh at how I could never imagine putting words together the way I need to sometimes.

Exhibit 1:
Please stop dunking Scooby in your milk, toys are not for dunking, just Oreos.

Exhibit 2:
Please stop licking your sister's hiney. Stop, licking her hiney, NOW!

Exhibit 3:
Yes, you are a pretty kitty cat but mommy doesn't like kitty cats or puppy dogs to lick her.

Exhibit 4:
Please don't put your carrott in your ear.

Exhibity 5:
Jumping up and down and singing, "She can sing and she can dance and she won't poop in her pants, YAY MOLLY".

Have any of these happened to you?


InTheFastLane said...

Heh! I may have said some variation of all of those. And, my personal favorite..."please stop smelling my bum while i am cooking!"

Unknown said...

That's a lot of licking.

Mommy said...

I've said SEVERAL variations of the ear thing....
And after last week - about a MILLION "SHARE THE TOYS" comments....

Jessica said...

Ok, the licking thing is a new one on me and I really hope it stays that way. Especially the hiney licking.

And Evan has finally stopped singing exhibit 5 ;-)