Monday, August 24, 2009

Family Picnic/Carnival

The girls have been very busy at Ms. Lori's (or as Molly says, "Sans"), working on a surprise carnival disguised as a picnic invitation.

Well, this weekend we were treated to quite the event! Lots of games (ring toss, skee ball, Knock Down, golf, fish, squirting, etc) with tickets and prizes made by the kids! The girls were so proud of "their" games, and each child manned their games and provided the rules and tickets.

Welcome sign they helped color.

Some of the games

The vases made by the kids - for the moms.

Again, the kids helped paint these - and helped by lying down to be "traced".

Doug couldn't resist

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Mommy said...

No offense - but Doug, thats the BEST picture I've seen of you in a while!!