Thursday, August 6, 2009

Riding a Two Wheeler

On Sunday, Aubrey's cousins were riding bikes in the driveway. They had brought up an old bike for Aubrey to ride, it needed training wheels put on but was perfect. Aubrey didn't want to wait for the training wheels and with help from me one or 2 times, Aubrey started riding a bike with no help. Starting, turning, riding. You could see the set of her face she was going to figure this out - and she did.

I was in tears and later Doug and I laughed, we thought that in a year or 2 this would be a "thing" - you know where you are yelling at her, scraped knees, lots of tears kinda thing. Nope.

That kid is amazing!

She is so good she can be silly and ride with her eyes closed.

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