Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quilt Along Coming Along

So I have 3 rows together, and the 4th pinned! I have to admit, I MAY not have read the directions completely and MAYBE I forgot to iron so MAYBE mine won't be PERFECT... but I am VERY happy so far with what I have done :) And in really only one week!

The hard stuff is coming... but I am excited :)

This morning as I stepped out of the shower, Aubrey was sitting on the potty and says, "MOM, I need privacies".

YOU need privacy... this whole sharing a bathroom thing may not work out!


Jessica said...

You're doing a great job on the quilt---more motivation/patience than I could ever have!!

Evan asked me to leave the room while he was getting dressed the other day. AFTER he took off his PJs and changed his underwear. Apparently it is unacceptable to have Mom watch while you put on a t-shirt and shorts. Sigh.

Mommy said...

Don't you have TWO bathrooms upstairs?!

Crystal said...

:) I answered your question in the comments section. :) Roughly 4 yards...but I would wait until you are done to order it to be sure. :)

Crystal said...

p.s. it is looking GREAT!!