Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Summer as a SAHM

Could it be? Will it be? I think so!

Starting Monday I will be home with the kids! Of course we still have vacation bible school in 10 days, trip to the beach, trip to Maine, Camp Putok for Aubrey and the summer reading program at the library... and the pool so the "home" part isn't really working for the SAHM thing, right?

But hey, putting together a list of all those projects in the house and yard I haven't had time for. Should we take odds on how much of that list we get done?

Should we talk about the spreadsheet I already put together that breaks up the days of the week and highlights activities in each of the following areas we should accomplish each day (they include exploring, playing, learning, cooking, Mommy's Chores)?

Or should we just do an over/under on when I am checked into the looney bin?

Theoretically I will have more time to blog about this little adventure!

1 comment:

anne watson said...

You??? You made a spreadsheet??? :) :) :)


I know you're going to love your summer at home. :)