Friday, March 13, 2009

Breakfast and Lunch

I feel like I am in a rut related to breakfast and lunch for the kids.

Aubrey needs her lunch packed 2 days a week, I am tired of the Peanut Butter sandwich but worried about any other type of food in case she feels picky that day, thoughts? Ideas? Do you think she would be more willing to try something with me not sitting there :)

Breakfast in our house ranges from toast, to eggs, to cereal, to bagels and although Doug tries to make us all sit down to eat before we leave the house, sometimes I do have the girls eat in the car.

I am going to make the following this weekend in a big batch to see if this helps get the girls eating a better/quicker breakfast:
Breakfast Burritos
12 eggs
Roll of Breakfast Sausage
Cheddar Cheese
Onion - chopped
Green Pepper - chopped
Flour Tortillas - small ones

Scramble eggs in large skilled
Cook and crumble sausage in another skillet

In large bowl, combine scrambled eggs, sausage, onion, pepper, and cheese.

Roll about 3 Tbs mixture into flour tortilla, if freezing, line side by side on pan. If you put them upside down they will freeze shut. Once frozen, place them in freezer bag, pull out what you need in the morning and pop in microwave for 40 seconds each

I got this off of this site:

How do you keep breakfast and packed lunches fun?


Jessica said...

My kids eat cereal EVERY morning during the week, and I'm kind of surprised there aren't more complaints about it. We rotate cereals and add fruit/honey when we have it, so I guess it's not that bad.

Look up 'laptop lunch box' on Amazon...I saw it on a parenting blog somewhere and the idea is to give kids small amounts of a couple of different things, knowing they'll eat at least something. I also think kids are less picky when they're sitting at a table full of other kids where everyone is eating happily, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. She won't starve in a day, right? Good luck!

Kayris said...

Mine eat oatmeal a lot. I skip the instant packets (too much sugar) and instead buy quick cooking oats (storebrand is just as good as Quaker) and top it with a little bit of honey or cinnamon or nutmeg.

My daughter also likes hardboiled eggs, and sometimes they eat frozen waffles or Kashi cereal bars.

I feel like I'm in a rut for lunches too. My kids seem to like round sandwiches, made with one of those neat tools that cuts off crusts and seals the filling inside with a crimped edge. We mostly do PB, but you could try other sandwich fillings like egg salad or lunch meat. Mine is from Pampered Chef, but I know other places make them too.

Mommy said...

I don't want to brag....but my daycare provides breakfast AND lunch!
I don't like eggs re-heated - I think they are rubbery. But I am a BIG fan of making homemade waffles (or pancakes or french toast)on the weekend and eating them leftover during the week. But - they can all be messy.....

Unknown said...

Regan likes cereal bars for breakfast. Likes cereal for dinner (a girl after my own heart). We like leftover waffles too, however I don't do those often.

BTW, I don't see the info on Charlotte. I know that your day got busy, but email me if you have time this w/e.

Anonymous said...

My kid eats only a peanut butter sandwich, chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese. For the last two we got her a pretty good quality thermos to keep the food warm. Each takes only a few minutes to make.

Chicken Nuggets - Nuke for 1:30. Put in toaster oven for a little bit to crisp up.

Macaroni and cheese - Get the Easy Mac and follow the instructions.

My SIL makes all her daughter's sandwiches for the week. So instead of making one at a time, make two for the week.

Also some kids don't mind a lack of variety. Mine would eat the same thing over and over.

Jessica said...

Let me know when you get tired of me sending you links ;-)

Jennifer said...

Breakfast #1 - breakfast burritos at least once a week but I do with Turkey Bacon (cook in microwave first) as it is healthier then sausage.
Breakfast #2 - biscuits with Mozarella cheese and a slice of ham right after they come out to melt in them.
Breakfast #3 - Home made smoothies - Vanilla Yogurt, banana, fresh strawberries and ice cube
Breakfast #4 - Peanut Butter Pancakes - Smash banana with peanut butter and spread on warm pancake and roll up ..
As my kids do SO many athletics, I try to start them off every day with a protein and a carb. They have noticed a difference in school also. Not enough time to do all my lunch tricks...will try to add later.
PS. No wonder my kids hate when I'm out of town on business... Dad makes cereal :-)
PSS. St Pat's day sounds awesome. - I'll have to steal those ideas next year