Sunday, March 29, 2009

Plan for the Week

We are trying to get better at planning and reducing our grocery bill. In that vein, I put together a 2 week meal plan, hit a grocery store having a grand opening sale, and hopefully, except for milk and fruit, we won't need to grocery shop next week... and only spent 100 bucks. And I really did buy meat for 12 meals... which is kinda crazy.

Also some recent tips I have enjoyed:
  1. When making meals for other people - which I start to do when ever anyone in the family gets sick or is having surgery - use a dish that most people have in their kitchen. I use my Pyrex square 8x8. Line it with parchment paper, put the dish together, freeze. THEN take the parchment paper with the food OUT - it will slide out if you put Pam down first. Now you don't have to worry about getting your dish back - they just put the item in their similarly shaped dish and go to town. This also takes up less room in your freezer.
  2. The girls and I made a bunch of these for teachers, hostess gifts, etc. Easter Bunny S'mores - I tried the modified directions and couldn't get it to work, but using the original instructions worked perfectly and the girls got to do a lot of this.
  3. I used to make the tag to accompany the above :
  1. I can't figure out how to have the numbers continue... But if you spray a tupperware dish with Pam prior to putting a red sauce in it, it shouldn't stain... it works! Even on the Gladware.
  2. I am making a couple of these to take to a wedding the girls are in, they are SUPER easy!
  3. I am also going to try to make the following 2 recipes to try out:
Anyway, that's what we are up to, what about you?


Mommy said...

No wonder you are so freakin' tired!! TAKE A BREAK!

Jennifer said...

$100? That is unbelievable. I spend $250 a week. Correct that is $1000 / month. Now granted the children are 12, 11, 7 and with Haley swimming/soccer 11 hours a week and Patrick rapidly becoming a teenage boy and working out at least 9 hours a week, they eat a ton. But still I feel that my grocery bill is out of control. Does it count that I make breakfast every am, fix their lunches every day and never go out to eat?? Dinner tonight was grilled marinated salmon, roasted asparagus, spicy rice and fresh fruit for desert. So okay, we eat really well. My shopping vice is the produce counter!