Monday, March 16, 2009

The Owl Shirt

Molly and the Owl Shirt

My Nana made the girls lovely pink skirts for Christmas, and with each skirt she paired a shirt. Molly's shirt has an owl on it.

Molly wants to wear her owl shirt and pink skirt every single day. And she will not wear the skirt without the owl shirt. When I explain to Molly that the shirt is dirty, I have to wrestle it off of her and she will then run it upstairs, put it in the washing machine, slam the door shut and say, "Mommy push the buttons" with a very demanding face.

Doug thinks the owl shirt should be retired and framed at some point so we can present it to her on her 18th birthday.

Aubrey loves pink clothes but never had an attachment to ONE OUTFIT like this.

So if anyone sees the owl shirt in the store, please buy 4 of them for me, I am tired of washing that outfit 7 times a week.



Mommy said...

Spiderman sweatshirt....ALL THE TIME. And his camo socks.
And his batman pj's.

But I can usually get away with they're dirty - because he knows I don't do laundry every day!

He is also partial to one pair of shoes, but I have been able to rotate them out in favor of other ones. But now that its almost Crocs season....he'll want to wear those EVERY DAY.

Erica said...

You should post a picture of Molly in this outfit!

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Yup, definitely need a photo of said shirt so the shopping authorities can get right on it!

rebekca said...

I want to see this infamous owl shirt.

On the bright side, that Molly is a wise one. She could have been infatuated with a Miami Mice t-shirt that I painfully recall wearing over and over and over again.