Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Little Swimmer Girl

I stand (OK sit) here before you as a VERY proud mama. My daughter - MY DAUGHTER - is a swimmer! No wings, big pool, face in the water, feet kicking, arms going - she did it! All on her own, her choice. We were swimming with wings and Aubrey realized she could touch her feet to the bottom. So she asked to take off her wings. She said she needed to use her arms not her wings... OK.

And then she just did it. She kept putting her face in and popping back up. Then she kicked her feet behind her, face in and DID IT! I was yelling and screaming and jumping and she was SOOO proud of herself.

It was such a wonderful thing and we spent an hour - just the two of us playing and splashing and jumping together.

My heart is full and my eyes well up as I continue to think about her face and her accomplishments.


Scott said...

Proud G-Taw

anne watson said...

That is awesome!! Jonathan and I were just talking about getting Claire in swimming lessons this morning! WOO HOO FOR AG!

Kelly said...

Wow!!! That is wonderful, and you both should be very proud!

Jenny said...

Aww, way to go AG :-)