Sunday, August 26, 2007

Super Mom...

Who is Super Mom and why can I NEVER live up to her?
Super Mom is the mom who:
  • bakes, has blueberry pancakes ready for breakfast before everyone wakes up
  • does crafts and has all the supplies available - and knows where they are
  • never has her kid leave the house with peanut butter all over her face
  • has scrap books UP TO DATE
  • knits - hats, socks, sweaters
  • always has the perfect gift ready for any occassion
  • does the laundry, irons, and everyone always matches
  • never hands their kids a bag of goldfish as a snack (I mean the original packaging bag)
  • remembers vitamins EVERY day
  • always serves vegetables for dinner
  • bathes her kids every night
  • gets her kids to keep bows and bands in their hair - with no knots
  • makes mac n cheese from scratch, not the cheap generic box
  • kitchen floor is clean
  • house is dusted, no clutter

And don't get me started on the Super Wife list...


Jenny said...

um...HELLOOOO! YOU are super mom!

Don't try to argue with me, you know you are ;-)

Erica said...

Okay, I don't even work and I can't keep up with you!

anne watson said...

Yikes. I only know one mom like that, but she never sleeps. ;) You're doing a great job mama!

Jessica said...

I'm tired just reading all that!

emily said...

Everyone of you who commented fits SOMEWHERE in that list :) I guess we all do to some extent. But why the guilt and the feeling we need to do more???

Funny story - Wednesday I got to my mom's and she had fresh zucchini muffins waiting and had made home made mac and cheese for the girls.

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Supermoms are the ones that are there 18 years later at graduation - they didn't quit, they didn't leave, they didn't put their "need for personal fulfillment" above their children. The so-called "supermoms" are often grandstanders who are in it for recognition (kind of like a performance appraisal). REAL supermoms help their kids know there are limits, say no when needed, establish boundaries and from Day 1 are knowingly preparing their children to actually leave and function in the world.

So to the REAL supermoms, I salute you!