Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Saturday morning Aubrey and I sat patiently at the Hair Cuttery. She needed a quick trim. We played some games, sang some songs, and were generally very silly.

A man walked in and Aubrey pointed to his ankle and we had the following conversation:
  • Aubrey: Mama, what's that?
  • Mama: Those are the man's shorts
  • Aubrey: No, Mama, what's THAT (pointing again)?
  • Mama: Oh, sorry honey, those are the man's socks and shoes.
  • Aubrey (at this point if she knew how to roll her eyes she would have): NO, Mama, what's THAT, on the man's ankle?
  • Mama: That is paint.
  • Aubrey: Why did he paint his leg?
  • Mama: Do you want a lollipop?

I have no idea how to address these types of questions from my daughter. It is becoming harder to distract her with shiney objects when she sees or hears something I want to pretend doesn't exist in the world she is growing up in.

Before I get yelled at from friends and family: I am not saying there is anything WRONG with tattoos... I just don't know if I need to have that conversation with my daughter before she turns 3!


Anonymous said...

I've found that having those conversations are always easier than you'd think. Like the whole death thing. I was terrified of explaining it to Olivia. But circumstances pushed the issue and she seemed to get it and handle it a lot better than I would have thought.

Oh, and she and I will be getting tats next week. I'm going to get a dragon and she'll get Maria from Sound of Music. ;)

anne watson said...

That is funny. Thankfully Claire is too distracted by shiny objects to notice Tattoos yet. :) I'm not ready to have that conversation with her yet.

emily said...

I guess I have been making a mountain out of a molehill... kids where temporary tattoos so I guess I should just explain people like to decorate themselves - if it comese up again :)


rebekca said...

I'm afraid I would have been at a loss for words on that one.

I think you handled it just beautifully. I'm all about expanding the vocabulary, but I don't know that tatoo is high up on the list of words and concepts to learn/understand......not that there is anything wrong with it (copyright, Seinfeld)