Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Re-entry Blues

First day back in the swing of things... the girls did great - I was a little sad (OK, a lot sad).

It is hard to go from 5 weeks of every minute with them - even in the same bedroom to... NOT.

But we did it! We got the girls dressed and breakfasted to LA's, then cooked a healthy dinner, baths, books, and bed time. Aubrey even let me blow dry her hair. I was shocked at how long her hair is when it is straightened out.

Doug and I are in our leather recliners with our laptops catching up on life.

The news from Maine is this:
1) No fish (and I quote, "I am bummed for Roy, I was hoping he would have some fun and catch some fish". )
2) Grandy and Grandad are headed out to get (direct quote from Grandy), "Drunk and Disorderly"
3) Apparently there is a hard core Monopoly game going on between Grand and Royal
4) Everyone misses Max up there... we would be happy to ship him up.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Good grief...the 4 of you shared a room for 5 weeks too?? I think I have to add you to the list of sainted people that I know :-)