Friday, August 31, 2007

What is Blog To Me

I am so enjoying "peaking" into my friends lives.
  • Learning more about the daily rituals that make each family.
  • Learning that normal is in a constant state of flux for everyone.
  • Learning that life is in the little pieces of a day, a conversation, an unexpected "I love you, mama", and in the kisses that come from all those you love.

I have taken my "cnn" time each day and now devote it to my friends blogs and their friends blogs. This news about life and love and family is so much more motivating and uplifting then what is on cnn these days. I love going to my own blog to see who has left a comment - a note that says - I hear you and I relate - how nice that is to know that you are reaching out and so are your friends.

I want everyone to blog! It is selfish of me but I do! SO BLOG, and COMMENT, and enjoy the news of life - the REAL news of real lives.


Kelly said...

That is exactly how I feel. I have several "CNN times" a day, though! :) It is like getting little gifts through out the day when I see a new post or a new comment. Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us!

rebekca said...

I love the way you put "the real news of real lives" into context. Genius.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I had no idea I had any readers other than my blogging friend and her sister-in-law!

I enjoy writing about life in a glass half full perspective.

Can I control whether the glass gets knocked over, No. But knowing that there are some out there who will stick around and read about the clean up makes life that much more worth it :)

Happy blogging.

Jessica said...

CNN time...yep, you're still the geek I know and love from college :-)

Jenny said...

Long live the blog!!