Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I have a BLOG?

Really, cause I am sure you thought I forgot. Ever feel like with every step you take forward you are still 2 steps further than where you are trying to go?

- We are in our second week of pre-school and it is good, but 2 distinct drop offs and picks ups 3 days a week is a little hard to get used to.

- How do you find out about activities for your kids in your area? And how come once I do hear about something, registration is totally closed? But really - HOW do you know what is available and what to look for??? I am looking for Aubrey and for Molly for the fall - dance/swimming/soccer, etc. Thoughts? (I have looked at Little Gym which has cheerleading which I think Aubrey would love but no Saturday hours, Little Gym might have something for Molly, swim lessons has no Saturday hours, not sure I want to do dance because Aubrey bugged out of that last year... the "zone" rec site I looked at didn't look like they did soccer until age 5)

-And how much is too much, how little is too little - in terms of activities.

- I still haven't blogged about our Maine trip, which was great. Below are some pictures.

Molly, so big!


Us at Clam Cove

Molly at Broadcove, collecting her version of treasures

Doug showing the girls how a lobster trap works

Just some of the treasures we found on our trip around Magic Island (Richmond Island) and the 3 beaches we visited!

-This weekend we did the great bed switch of 2008. I kept the girls in their own rooms, we took down the crib, moved the toddler bed from Aubrey's room to Molly's room and got a new bed for Aubrey. We went out with the intention of getting a queen or full bed for Aubrey since I had a comforter and sheets to fit that. We ended up paying half of the cost of the day/trundel bed from Ikea because it was in the As Is section - and there was nothing wrong with it! But that meant I needed to get bedding for Molly. Last night was the first night they both slept through the night.

- Our niece is on her way to college today, CRAZY! I remember my first trip to Maine, she was 10 and we went to Ferry Beach and had a blast walking around and making up stories.

- My office is moving into our new office space tonight, this is the office that my gym is in the same building so really, zero excuses are coming for me. Oh, and my parking space is in that building too... so no more half mile walk - good and bad.

- I have been tagged and I have a cool website to share so those will come hopefully later this week!

- Ahhhh, that felt good.


Anonymous said...

We love Little Gym. My daughter goes there for cheerleading or tumbling. We've been going fro about 4 years now. Our LG is a great one. The owner owns 2 or 3 of them. We've heard different things about them, so if you can meet the owner, do. Our church also offers a lot of activities so that's nice.


Mommy said...

Cuteness - the bed, the bedding, the pictures...ALL CUTE!
YEAH for moving offices! YEAH for having a parking spot - esp when it rains or gets cold!

InTheFastLane said...

We usually read about stuff in the local paper. but then there is always word of mouth. A neighbor mom out riding her bike was telling us about dance and yoga classes for the kids (all while I am working, however).

Unknown said...

I was going to suggest a local Parks and Rec in the county, they should have a website of sport acitvities that kids can participate in and the ages. However, we are getting to the point that prqactices will be happening during the week and w/e's are the games or matches. Right now due to Regan starting Pre-School I have decided to wait on LG until the winter/spring sem. so that she can get used to the new activities that they do at school - there is a lot going on for her now and I don't feel that she needs more stuff to wig her out. But you know that every kid is different.

Jessica said...

Ok, I'm really bad at blogging and commenting and I keep just meaning to pick up the phone and call you so we can trade stories about non-sleeping children, but clearly that hasn't happened.

But I saw this article and thought it might help with the extracurricular planning:

Unknown said...

nice post................