Saturday, August 2, 2008

2008 Race Results

We couldn't be there, but we wished we were on the sidelines yelling, "YOU INSPIRE US" with our favorite Sister In Law and the cousins! And of course we had to look up the scoop and get the details!

This year!
Keith Craig - 42:10
Royal Craig: 51:00 - that is a full 16 minutes better than last year! AWESOME
it should also be noted that I THINK this means he gets the trip/destination of his choice...
Roy Craig 56:19
Sarah Craig 1:02:31
Alan Craig - 1:26:32

It should be noted that Caleb and Grandy won the Grand and 2nd Prizes of the Bank North Prize Wheel! WOW!

Last year's Details:
Keith Craig - 43:08
Roy Craig - 57:58
Doug Craig - 1:00:09
Stacie Craig - 1:00:25
Sarah Craig - 1:00:50
Mark Craig- 1:03
Royal Craig-1:07
Debi Craig - 1:15
Alan Craig - 1:28

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Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Wow - I'm always impressed with anyone who races/runs as I have never been able to get to the "runner's high" part of that. Tim runs and I see the JOY on his face when prepping for and then completing a 5k or marathon, even through the pain (finding out later he had a broken bone in his foot and had had for a long time...ouch!)

Kudos to them all! Hope you get to participate next year - I'm sure your girls will also want to run since mama and daddy are setting such a good example!