Thursday, August 28, 2008


I keep thinking I need to write this down so I don't forget...

When looking at a picture book and Molly sees a pair of shes she says, "Don't Fit" instead of "shoes".

When asking about a barrette for her hair or if I am brushing her hair she says, "Haircut"

When she sees the shape of a star she says, "Starfish"

When she wants me turn on the water while she is brushing her teeth she says, "Wash your hands" instead of Turn On Water.

When she wants the door closed she says "door open", light off is "light on"

When she wants me to help her she says, "Help you mommy".

When she wants me to wash her hands off she says, "Me wash your hands mommy".

When she wants to do something herself she says "I-SELF", but 3 seconds later she says, "help you mommy".

She says thank you when you hand her something or put her somewhere, even if it is the time out chair.

She still uses the sign for please when she says please.

She says I love you, a lot.


Unknown said...

That is totally sweet and I remember the light off, meaning light on thing!

Unknown said...

Some of those are also Arley-isms.

The light is, "turn-on light on (or off)" (he thinks "turn-on" is the verb).

Same with "carry you" - he says "daddy, carry-you me".

We also have a "by myself" one. It's "I do it by selfs me", or if he wants me to do it, it's "daddy, do it by selfs you".

It's fun to watch how they learn grammer.