Friday, August 13, 2010

Funtown USA

Things We Learned at Funtown
  • Aubrey is tall enough for all but 2 things at FunTown - including Excaliber.
  • Molly will do any ride she is tall enough for and a couple she isn't. Including riding the Tilt A Whirl 3 times in a row without getting off.
  • Aubrey can apparently drive the bumper cars and bumper boats, and do well.
  • Funtown is fun
  • Cousins = more energy, more fun, more noise, more jumping, and the need, the need for speed.
  • My kids are fearless, and that scares me.
  • Doug learned that he should never ride a Tilt A Whirl 2 times in a row or with Caleb.
  • Royal learned to never awkwardly turn the steering wheel on bumper cars near your little girl cousins or you hurt your shoulder.
  • Grandy learned the whole family can have such fun together and that her grandkids are VERY courageous.
  • Granddad learned why he has such good memories of the trips he took as kids seeing these kids play.
  • Anna learned that my new favorite ride is Excaliber.
  • Aubrey learned to stay close and hands (she already knew that but that is how she answered the question).
  • Uncle Mark learned that dragon's descent rocks
  • Caleb learned that his favorite rides are Excaliber and Astrophere!
  • Aunt Stacie learned that she gets sick riding the Tilt a Whirl 3 times in one night.

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