Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day - Kind Of

Aubrey and I went to kindergarten today. In our district we have gradual entry - so today 1/2 the kids and their parents came to school to get supplies sorted, cubbies set up, see the classroom, do activities, etc. Tomorrow, no school, half days Wed and Thurs and THEN on Friday, I am apparently supposed to put my child on a bus - without a car seat or adult - and let her go off on a 45 minute bus ride, WITHOUT ME, to school. Where she will apparently find her way to her class and have a full day of school.

I am pretty sure THAT is when I will loose it.

Also, SERIOUSLY? Haven't I spent the last 5+ years making sure my daughter doesn't
  1. go into the street
  2. talk to strangers much less GET IN A MOVING VEHICLE with one and
  3. go anywhere without her carseat, a helmet, MY HAND?
OK, I need to take a deep breath and go lay down. Ok, back. Sorry about that.

In her classroom.
Right before we left.
I told her not to do her fake smile and this is the face she gave me.
We met Daddy for lunch.
And then we got her nails and toes done.

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Melissa said...

This girl was ready for school 2 years least...Good luck on "the big day" and's okay to cry...just don't let her see don't want to be the embarassing mom this early in the game...:)