Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Working Mom Again

After a fabulous summer I will be heading back to work. We had a once in a lifetime summer! Now, back to reality - a brand new reality for all of us. Aubrey in kindergarten. Molly in "school" without her sister. Mommy in a new job. Daddy juggling the schedules.

In trying to get organized for the school year I put together a multi-week meal plan, a big list of to do's and worked to get well "baby" check ups scheduled, dentist appointments scheduled, everyone signed up for the appropriate activities, etc. I was shocked to see the county school schedule and realize how many days Aubrey has off between the first day of school and Christmas (10 for those counting). (NOTE: I took the school year county from the website, copied it into Excel, posted it on Google Documents and shared with my husband).

Tonight for dinner we had Chicken Strips, Maryland Corn, and Edamame. I made a 1/2 batch at lunch and wouldn't share with the girls, so at dinner they asked me to make some for them to try and they DEVOURED what I made. Aubrey even asked if she would be lucky enough to get something like that in her lunch box. Um, SURE!

We had a friend over for a few hours today, I gotta say, FOUR YEAR OLDS ARE HARD WORK -well worth all the fun, but HARD WORK!

WOW, how boring is this post?

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