Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 Year Reunion

I got a letter in the mail this week inviting me to my 10 year College Reunion. I also got a phone call from a good friend talking about how blogging is not the only way to keep up with each other and how have we gone so long in seeing each other.

So... I totally think that her and her and I should go to the "reunion", sans husbands and children, stay in OC or Rehobeth, and NOT go to any of the events but instead shop and relax.

Don't you agree?
Progress Report:
My laptop bag BROKE as I was walking to the car last night after work. I need a new one... but due to this ridiculously hard challenge I dug up my old, ugly, REI backpack and am using that. I say BLAH to you.

Also? I am going to Melting Pot tonight and could totally leave now and shop at the Mall but I can't shop. Why is it so hard to stop doing something when you "challenge" yourself but it is equally hard when you try to START doing something... ie start excercising, stop shopping. Both hard.


Jessica said...

You are all about the prospective shopping today, aren't you?? :-) The reunion without actually going to the reunion sounds like a good deal to me. And just think of how much you are going to love your new bag since you have all this time to research it and find the PERFECT bag. I've been drooling over the Moonsus Cosmopolitan Computer Satchel myself, but will be drooling for quite a while!!

anne watson said...

That's sort of the plan for my 10 year reunion next year...:) DO IT!

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

If it makes you feel any better, my high school's 30th reunion was in 2005.

And the only thing I need to get at Target is a prescription.

But my laptop bag is still intact...unless I just jinxed it. :) Does going to Goodwill count??

Anonymous said...

it may be ugly, but that REI bag rocks... remember, I have the same one!

Unknown said...

The reunion idea ROCKS! I didn't go to college with you all but I'm so with you in OC or Rehoboth - LOL!

I don't say this to sound flip and obviously some things do need certain qualifications, HOWEVER, a bag is a bag. You are doing awesome so far in your challenge.

I will have the books off to you today - I hope.

Mommy said...

I hear you about the reunion - but I'm going to Salsibury with the "other" girls. Me, Kel, Ashley and maybe Archer have a room booked - and we have 2 DD (Becky is pregnant AGAIN and Gaylen can't drink anymore).
Do you want to come with us? Probably not...but the offer stands!

Jessica said... we actually have to wait until October to do our non-reunion? I'm seriously thinking my family might benefit from me leaving them for a night or two way before October...

And curse the person who said 'a bag is a bag!' A bag is so much more!! It's pockets and zippers and magnets in all the right places and not having velcro and having one for work, and one for play, and one for kid events...okay, okay, maybe--just maybe--I have a tiny bit of a bag obsession. But just a tiny one. ;-)