Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I am curious... do you have a favorite candy or magazine or author or skin care line or application that reminds you of childhood, helps in day to day life, let's you escape, organizes you?

What is it?

Hubby picked up some Fun Dips last weekend and I was reminded of going to the pool as a kid and spending my quarter at the snack bar on Fun Dips or my nickle on Fireballs! But I always had to put my fireball in water until most of the red was gone.

Also, I love Everyday Food, Oprah, Baltimore, and Maryland Life magazines - oh and Parenting.

I will randomly pick 3 responses and send some Old Bay packets if you comment with your thoughts!

I emailed Amy, Jef, and Carrissa to send Old Bay! Sorry it took so long!


Unknown said...

It's kind of funny, I remember my favorite candy bar at the pool (Whatchyamacallit), but I don't eat those anymore. Music will ALWAYS take me back, preferably 80's to do that. Favorite books as a kid: Trixie Belden series, Nancy Drew (do you see a theme here?), funny that I like JD Robb huh?! I remember WORLD magazine - I haven't seen one in AGES. Highlights was another magazine. I have to say being at a playground probably brings back the most memories just b/c it wasn't something that I did often as a kid so it was more special.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Anonymous said...

Video games like Galaga or Space Invaders were always something I remember. I still have my first electric guitar. It reminds me of when I was 10 and got it for Christmas. I can pick it up and play it and I still think my fingers are too small. Divinity reminds me of Christmas and my grandmother. She made the best divinity. I can watch some cartoons like Bugs Bunny and it's like I'm sitting on the floor Saturday morning enjoying life with Looney Tunes and the Superfriends.


Mommy said...

Candy...anything gummi (preferably bears) - but the pool was the same as yours.
Books - I read SO many as a kid - I can't even pick a favorite.
Magazine - ANY gossip mag online - but I LOVE RealSimple

And don't send me any old bay packets - we have enough here!

Oh - and music actually makes me FEEL like I am a kid again!

Amy said...

The drops of sugar on the paper in yellows, pinks, and blues...you eat them off the paper...loved those!

Every time I use cherry flavored chap stick...Christmas morning all over again!

I'm a wuss...fireballs in water!

Books...Boxcar children! Loved that series!

Fun memories!

btw, what are Old Bay packets? ;)

Sarcasta-Mom said...

I'm with Lydia on the gummi. Haribo gummi bears are my fav.

As for childhood favorites, it's rock candy and pop rocks.

My favorite indulgance these days is my copy of Art Jewelry magazine.