Sunday, July 13, 2008

Animal Encounters

Saturday we hit the zoo in the morning! I thought it opened at 9am so we got there at 9am. It opened at 10.

Here are some pictures while we played and waited patiently.

Adorable, right?
Needs cropping, but this is a keeper!
My life!

Then we got to feed the giraffes.

Seriously, we fed the giraffes, it was super cool. Got right up close, the tongue comes out, grabs the "browse" and the girls were not scared/anxious at all! It was cool.

Then we pet the goats.

Some things to note, we were at the Zoo from 9am - Noon. We did not bring a stroller. We were the only idiots at the zoo that day that didn't have a stroller. This resulted in a 4.5 hour nap from Molly... so who's the idiot? Well... still us.


Amy said...

I love stroller equals an idiot...hey, the long nap beats that any time!

So cool you got to feed the giraffes! Those are my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

4.5 hour nap! I wish I could get a 4.5 hour nap!


InTheFastLane said...

4.5 hour nap?????? That rocks more than almost anything I know.

Looks like fun :)

anne watson said...

Looks like kick ass fun :)

Sarcasta-Mom said...

LOL. Good times. I love taking the kids to the zoo. Goats freak me out a little though- I've had a lot of bad incidents with them in the past....