Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Second Saturday

Today I woke up at 6 and went for a 3.3 mile run, I came back and did laundry, had breakfast, sewed a skirt, meal planned, created grocery list, showered, went to an art fair, the grocery store, had lunch, worked on another skirt, hit a consignment shop... and enjoyed not hearing "MOMMY" every 5 seconds.

In the afternoon I headed out to pick up my girls - who I missed! Aubrey asked me if I was happy sleeping in, and I said yes. She said, "well that hurts my feelings a little bit". I asked if she was happy to be away from me - and she said yes but that she missed me and I told her I felt the same way!

Things They Did With Cousins (in their words):
1) Peed in the grass... well Caleb does it that way.
2) Lunch was apparently peanut butter and chocolate
3) Played in the pool
4) Showered outside
5) Molly says she and Anna cried because they didn't want to go to the surf place.
6) Went to a surf place and body surfed - and no one helped them.
7) But Molly said she needed help but Aunt Stacie was busy taking pictures and riding the horses (which I am positive is not true).
8) Had the best time ever and want to live there forever or at least let it be known that the next time they have a sleep over one night is not enough, and probably 2 won't be either.

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