Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 4 - So Tired

Day 4
It seems weird that it is only day 4. We have done enough stuff that it should be a week we have been here!

After a sleepless night I dropped Doug at the airport at 5am. So sad.
Made Eggs In a Hole
Grandy did the girls nails and toes in very shimmery polish.
Grandy took the girls to the cove to look for rocks.
I went to the grocery store and did the meal planning for the week.
Gave girls showers - never take them to beach without bathing suits. Ever.
Lunch. They ate big lunches.
Good, much needed naps for girls.
I did a 4 mile walk/run while girls napped. Only way to make it through the day.
Talked to Daddy on video conference.
Pool - Aubrey DOVE off of a spring board. Molly jumped off the spring board! It was high and freaked me out that they were going off of it.
Went to the playground.
Made an amazing dinner!
Went to the beach - gorgeous night.
Am going to bed, right now.

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