Thursday, July 29, 2010

Captain's Log Day 13

Girls and I went to the grocery store. Aubrey and Molly no longer fit comfortably in the "car" carts. This was upsetting to me, another reminder that they are growing too fast.

We made Rainbow Sprinkle cookies. After the girls dipped the mix into the sprinkles to put on sheet for baking I realized this was not the best recipe to be doing one day after new granite counter tops are installed or the day that I washed and vacuumed floors.

I made Pasta with Pancetta and Leeks for dinner, it rocked.

Grandy, the girls and I tried to go to the pool for our last swim (closes tomorrow for cleaning), but pool was closed due to unexplained power outage (per the sign posted). Grandy filled buckets in the back yard for them to play in.

Headed to the beach from 3:30 - 6:30 and it was wonderful. The neighbor, my new friend, brought me down a Corona and we visited for the last hour of our beach time. Granddad rough housed with the girls and tried to dump Molly in the ocean but ended up getting wetter than she did. Then I had to explain what a cigar was. (my explanation? yucky thing for granddads. grandy's explanation? granddad's pacifier).

Doug should be flying in to surprise the girls tonight - but due to storms BWI has some massive delays for departures so who knows what will happen.

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Kayris said...

My kids are too big for the car carts too. I was glad because those darn things are impossible to steer.