Monday, July 19, 2010

Best Monday Ever, It's Monday, Right?

(*you may skip to the pictures, I was in the mood to be verbose)

I got up at 5 and did 50 minutes across Crescent Beach and through a path along the water and back through some woods, ending back on the beach. The sun was coming up and the water was PINK, the sky was pink, it was lovely.

Molly was up as I sat down with my glass of water. We played, vacuumed, laundry, packed for the beach. Aubrey was up very soon after Molly and snuggled with me.

Daddy took the girls fishing! They each caught 3-4 Pollack.

The girls and I played at the beach and daddy went fishing alone. Molly decided to cover my legs in mud - I let her. Aubrey and Molly built drip castles on my legs. At the end I had an inch or two of mud covering me from toe to mid-thigh. We all went in the very cold ocean to rinse to me off. I feel very ex foliated.

After the last few LONG days, we headed home for lunch and naps. I sat on the deck and read a magazine, napped with my hubby on the couch.

Aubrey and I played Go Fish.

We all headed to Portland Headlight to see Grandy working - and she had surprises for the girls!

Then Bugaboo Creek for dinner. On the way to dinner we instituted a family policy that if you toot 3 times in a row quickly you are only required to say "excuse me" once. If you toot a number of times FAR APART from each other then each requires its own "excuse me".

After dinner Doug took the girls for ice cream. I played with my new phone... oh did I mention my hubby took my phone to the sprint store 'cause it was broken (no GPS, spotty service) and I got a brand new super fancy phone?

All of this rounded off with a dancing and singing show from the girls and a lightening show from mother nature.


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