Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Convs In the Kitchen with Hubby

in talking about the rash around Molly's face:
Me: I am worried about that rash that keeps popping up, maybe she is allergic to milk and not just lactose intolerant.
Him: What would that mean?
Me: We would need to be more diligent about milk around here, we do the soy milk, but no more cheese, mac and cheese, ice cream, etc. Like the Annie's Shells and Cheese, she wouldn't be able to have that.
Him: That probably doesn't have milk.
Me: I used milk to make it.
Him: I don't think so.
Me: And it has cheese, it is mac and cheese.
Him: Probably not.
Me: No really, I used milk and it says REAL CHEESE on the package.
Him: Probably not, it is fake.

I grab the package and attempt to find where it says real cheese, and finally just see it on the ingredients... and Doug grabs it and points to the big red letters on the front that say 100% real cheese. The 2 of us DIE laughing in the kitchen.

** this really was funny at the time, but writing it down doesn't do it justice!

And proof that life is not fair. Doug lost 8 lbs in 24 hours and I only lost 2... blah to boys!


Sarcasta-Mom said...

I thought it was pretty funny :)

Unknown said...

That is funny! I hate when I konw that something is on the box and I overlook it 20 times! Glad that everyone seems to be feeling better?!

Anonymous said...

I love conversations like this with my wife. It's one of the perks of marriage. We had a similar conversation once about the size of sheets. And the other day one about Colin Powell.


Amy said...

We have milk issues over here out for Fishy crackers too...cheddar cheese.

Hang in there...our middle child is slowly outgrowing some things...

Love the conversation between you and your hubby...silly!

Mommy said...

I can actually HEAR the conversation. Its funny.