Sunday, June 1, 2008


We have been talking about getting a minivan for more than a year. Then I got a new job and we were going to do it, then we decided to wait, then I had my 90 day review AND my sister called to tell me that Toyota had 0% financing for 48 mos. Free Money... so we went and we did it.

And her name is Marshmellow and she is beautiful. And magic.

Seriously, I pulled up and told Aubrey that the car was magic. We put our arms up and blinked and the door magically opened, then the other door opened and then the back opened. Amazing. Then we blinked again and they magically closed one by one. Magic, I tell ya. The girls LOVE the new car! Well, of course they do, when they got in Scooby Doo was playing in the DVD player.

Aubrey named her Marshmellow because she is "Artic Frost Pearl" - sparkly white really. They had this car on the lot, Sienna XLE, with Option Package 3 and Rear Sonar for backing up. And it had 800 miles on it as it was being used by one of the guys that just had twins. We got a good deal. Or we think we did and isn't that all that matters?

Pictures to come!


Sunshine said...

We have Toyota at our family dealership along with GM. I had 3 Toyota Siennas before hubby wanted me to try a Pontiac. It's fine but I told him I'm going back to Toyota next time, they are AWESOME!

Sounds like you got all the good stuff loaded on it too, you may actually WANT to drive somewhere!

Jessica said... the feeling of having a new car!!

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

I'm hankering for a Honda Odyssey myself. I have a Pilot now, thought I was out of the minivan stage YEARS ago, but NO, I find I need one for a Gramma Car! Lovely hubby said I could get a luxury sedan next car and I turned it down in lieu of said Odyssey so I could "ride with my posse" (aka, the five "grands") in comfort (read: SPACE). And while I NEVER thought 18 cupholders would be a selling point in a car, by the time we get mamas, grands, water cups, then the Starbucks run...well, we COULD use 18 of 'em! (but I'd settle for just 17...)

Enjoy your new chariot! Sounds, as Candace Olson says, "divine"! (yee, dah! Dah, dah, dee, dah...sing along!!)

3XMom said...

we've had our Sienna for almost 4years. I LOVE it! Really. You will be so happy!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the new addition to the Craig family. Do the baby birds have names yet? I need to keep all this straight!

anne watson said...

You are going to LOVE it. I got over my embarrassment about being too young to have a minivan in about 4 days. :) Congrats on your marshmallow!!

rebekca said...


You can now cruise by other moms in minivans and give the what's up lift of the head.