Friday, June 20, 2008

News Stories

Did you see this? A pregnancy pact in a high school? Seriously?

What about this? Delivering 23 lbs of twins? Dude, that is crazy.

I am just crazy off the wall blown away.

Today, on the street corner of our building is a triple amputee collecting money from cars. Folks are talking about it in the office and amazed by how this guy is moving along, apparently very congenial - and how did this happen and how can you not hand this guy money. Pretty intersting discussion.


Mommy said...

Interesting. I prefer to give those type of people food. I actually had someone throw it back at me when I walked away!
And I saw the pact - those girls are STUPID.
And giving birth to 23 lbs of anything (unless you are an elephant) is even CRAZIER!

Amy said...

Ouch!!! those twins were huge!!

Dumb high school girls...who is teaching them these things?? Those poor parents!

rebekca said...

My jaw is sitting in my lap.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

On the news story. That's just a combination of bad parenting, poor morals and none of them ever seeing the true live birth of a baby.

And that twin thing. Man ... her privates are ruined. I guess you can expect that when you give birth to 3 month olds.

And I don't give money to pandhandlers. I have been enough places to know that they can get government money, or work at local shops and restaurants doing small chores for cash and churches can help them hire out to get different jobs.


Jessica said...

Yeah, that pregnancy pact is just nuts--and only half of them got pregnant!! Although I do have to admit, I'm a tiny bit jealous of that fact that they will all get free childcare at high school...

And the 23 lb twins? HOLY CRAP. My aunt had 15 lbs worth of twins and that was enough to make me grateful I've only been pregnant with one child at a time.

Teena in Toronto said...

The world is a crazy place!

Happy blogoversary!

Unknown said...

The girls....(I can't even say STOOPID), are in high school. Yeah STOOPID doesn't even go there. The twins I had not heard about and that is AMAZING all on it's own. Maybe the twins birth should have been recorded and sent to Glouchester HS. There is your health class right there.

That Chick Over There said...

I cannot IMAGINE such huge twins. Cannot imagine!