Monday, June 2, 2008

More Sickies

Doug was up all night sick. Lori-Anne called at 6am, up all night sick. Molly might be sick...

Wish me luck today.


Unknown said...


Mommy said...

Do you think this is contagious over the internet?!?! I read your blog - then had to RUN to the bathroom.

Jessica said...

Ya'll better clear this out of your system before the weekend!!

I wish you the best of luck, honestly. Hopefully you are well stocked on brothy soups and rice. And replenishing liquids (gatorade for the sickies, wine for you).

rebekca said...

oooohhhh. bad news.

but, what's crazy is I just talked to my sister today and her and her whole family and everyone that they talk to suffered from a mean bug this weekend/beginning of week.

bananas. rice. applesauce. toast.

it's what they call the brat diet ;-)