Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Heart

Ali was talking about body hugs and kisses and it reminded me to write this down...

In the morning, for the first hug of the day Aubrey wraps her whole body around me and instead of wrapping her arms around me, she tucks them under my arms so she is completely dependent on me holding her - a moment of pure love and pure trust.

And tonight...
Me: Aubrey, what was your favorite thing you did today with Ms. Lori?
Aubrey: Washing the car (which she did today)
Me: And your favorite thing you did with daddy?
Aubrey: washing the car (Which she did last weekend)
Me: And your favorite thing you did with me today?
Aubrey: Loving you


Kelly said...

Isn't the age of 3 just the absolute best?!?!?! I am totally eating up the way Reagan is in love with me. Just like Aubrey is with you. I just want to bottle it up and be able to open it whenever I need some lovin'!

Unknown said...

Awww, I'm glad that I could keep the memory alive for you. It is nice to have a record of what they do so that we can look back and fall in love all over again when they act up (well, my child at least!)

Anonymous said...

All this love at the White Hall Craig's!!! It's going to make me weepy!

Aubrey can come and wash my car; it really needs it.


Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Doesn't it just validate you in some way emotionally when you get those tender nuggets of heart-felt expression?

I used to tell my husband that I needed to have lots of "atta girls" from him like he got "atta boys" at work since I was a homemaker and if I didn't get them from him, who would I get them from? This was obviously before children (although I needed it again when they were teenagers, especially the boys, and I felt I couldn't do anything right in their eyes).

I think you got an "atta girl!"

When those nuggets come to me from my grandchildren, I float for days!

Sunshine said...


Anonymous said...

That girl :-) So sweet.