Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Aubrey to Maine

On Sunday evening at dinner, Doug told Aubrey she had a choice. She could go to Maine and see Anna and Caleb or she could stay home with mommy and go to her first dance class. Aubrey turned her head, her hand on her cheek, looked at me and said, "See Anna and Caleb in Maine, bye mommy".

So Monday night, laying in bed with Aubrey I explain to Aubrey that she will be going to Maine with Daddy and that Mommy will be staying home to work, Aubrey says, "OK, what about Molly". I told her that Molly was staying with me. Aubrey - the little stinker says - "OK, I am going to see Anna and Caleb in Maine, bye mommy I will miss you". WHAT?!?!

While my house will be VERY quiet for a few days, I am going to miss that little girl. Sorry, Aubrey... I am going to miss that big girl!

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Rollingthunder said...

We will miss you too.

BTW - Molly, quiet? That's a good one.