Friday, September 28, 2007

CSI and Other News

So on E! earlier this week Kristin said that Jorja (Sara Sidle) was not returning to CSI. Knowing the season ending cliff hanger from last year, I didn't watch last night because I didn't want to get all emotional and cry about Sara dying. I just read the Episode Guide for last night's show - SPOILER ALERT - Sara didn't die... so now I need to watch that show! BLAH (I probably wouldn't have watched anyway because we were in bed by 8:30). If you watched the show - let me know what you thought of it.

Doug is sick. Poor guy really doesn't feel great and is being a real trooper!

I had a flat tire when I went to go to the gym at 5:20 this morning. I decided to crawl back into bed with my hubby - but even sick he was my Knight in Shining Armor and got up and filled up my tire. So I was able to make my class.

After a 90 minute meeting I headed to the Exxon near work and they fixed my tire in 5 minutes - literally! It was awesome.

Big weekend coming up! Aubrey's first dance class, a birthday party, Orioles are playing the Yankees and we will be there. PLUS Aubrey's 5th or 6 th birthday party to celebrate her turning 3. The child is going to be SOOO confused about what a birthday is!

I will of course keep you all bored to death with the details :)

10/4 Update: Just watched last week's CSI... craziness. But really good. And I am glad I waited until tonight to watch - now I only have 20 minutes to see what happens next - not a week -HA!

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Mommy said...

Thanks for ruining it for me!! I was hoping that it would be on demand - our tivo should be operational by next week!