Friday, September 14, 2007

BS Day 3

Great news today! We are still in the original estimate for the bathroom, we are one day over on the outside (to be expected) so YAY :)
Day 3 Entry 1: 9:27 am The drywalling is almost done in the bathroom. They are starting the tiling and setting up the wet saw. Of course the bathroom isn't square and isn't being setup very "standard" so finding center to start the tiles is an issue.
LA handed over some beautiful (very heavy) marble 1x1 foot tiles that we are using - so that is a great savings - THANK YOU :)
Day 3 Entry 2: 9:49 So the lines for hot and cold water are crossed. This is not something the contractor did - the lines are switched at some point and not marked correctly. So, when they were filling a bucket with the new outside faucet it was all hot water. Luckily it was also reveresed in the bathroom which means it is a simple fix at the source (in the basement).
Half day today, grout tomorrow morning, Monday the fixtures put in the bathroom and the concrete poured outside! YAY!!
Day 3: Entry 3: 1:14 The tile is finished and is beautiful. They will be in tomorrow morning to grout!
Lining it up.
Finished and SO beautiful!


Unknown said...

That is great news!!! I do love the bathroom color too!

emily said...

Ali - what bathroom color? I haven't painted the downstairs one yet :)